Friday, May 29, 2020

Episode #149: The Gods of Eden - Part 7

This is the final part of our deep dive into William Bramley's The Gods of Eden. We pick up where we left off last week with the Count of St. Germain, and his strange ability to travel back and forth between warring aristocracy in Europe and England, the part he played in the coup of Catherine II over Peter III in Russia, and later, the implications that he may have staged his death and lived on, or even the possibility that he was, if not immortal, at least very long-lived.
We also look at Joseph Smith and the formation of the Mormon church, and some of the information said to have been written on the "metal plates" that Joseph was supposedly told to recover from a hidden place, which detail terrible catastrophes that fell on a civilization now lost to history.

Finally, we end with Bramley's message to anyone who wants to carry his research forward, and his outlining of several threads to pull on.

We hope you all enjoyed this deep dive as much as we did!


  1. I have enjoyed this book report so much!

  2. Yo. Hope all is well in the Den with papa snake and Mama Mycelia. You're late? (Saturday till - Thursdays).. cough cough Friday night is my snake time with a few beers. Sending my regards, to the Snake Fam, Bradley, Mike and obviously, Mr Carlson.. sent from Master John C 😊 lol


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