Monday, December 30, 2019

Episode #128: The Giza Power Plant - Part 3

We continue our deep dive into Christopher Dunn's excellent book, "The Giza Power Plant" in this third installment of the series.

We follow Mr. Dunn's musings on the enigma of Coral Castle, and how one small man was able to move enormous amounts of weight around and construct a megalithic park by himself, with no help from anyone else, and how this should change our perspective on ancient megalithic builders.

We also start looking at the resonant qualities of the Great Pyramid, it's connection to earth dimensions, and what that might tell us about what the purpose of this structure actually was.

Descending Passage, looking up towards the exit

Ascending Passage, I think

Grand Gallery

King's Chamber

Granite "Sarcophagus" in the King's Chamber

"Scoop Marks" in Campbell's Chamber "floor" 

"Scoop marks" in Lady Arbuthnot's Chamber "floor"

Monday, December 23, 2019

Episode #127: The Giza Power Plant - Part 2

We continue in our exploration of the history of discovery in the Great Pyramid, on the Giza Plateau, and in Egypt in general, by way of Christopher Dunn's book, "The Giza Power Plant".

We make some corrections from part one, then dive into the mysterious "Well Shaft" feature that connects the Descending Passage to the bottom of the Grand Gallery. We also read through Dunn's consulting with various experts in stonework, and his own experiences inside the Great Pyramid, the second(Khafre) pyramid, observations at Aswan, and inside the Serapeum.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Episode #126: The Giza Power Plant - Part 1

Having enjoyed Christopher Dunn's "Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt" so much, and having finished with John Anthony West's excellent "Serpent in the Sky", we decided to "stay in Egypt" and tackle Dunn's earlier work, "The Giza Power Plant".

And, like in "Lost Technologies", Dunn's practical engineering mindset and perspective immediately appeals to us. He also gives so many fascinating details regarding the Great Pyramid that are completely absent in most popular literature. We spend this show immersed in the first chapters of the book, reading excerpts and discussing the many strange aspects of this most ancient and mysterious structure.


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Episode #125: Serpent in the Sky - Part 3

After we catch up on space weather news and listener emails, we read an excellent article on an ongoing experiment to "domesticate" foxes, as remarked upon by many astute listeners in response to Russ talking about "no modern analogues" of animal domestication.

We were wrong, as we often are! But this story still holds interesting implications re: ancient domestication of animals.

After that, we dive back into the final parts of John Anthony West's "Serpent in the Sky", finishing up with the Sphinx, and finally reading about how skerptards are still skerptards and no one can seem to do anything about that.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Episode #124: Swapcast with Mike & Maurice's Mind Escape

We have an excellent discussion about all things ancient and mysterious with Mike and Maurice from the Mind Escape podcast. We talk about ancient structures, the mystery of the beginnings of agriculture and animal husbandry, global mythic stories, the deluge, the confusion of tongues, and much more! We also talk about how we all got started in podcasting and in exploring mysteries in general, and the value of seeking better questions rather than "answers".