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  1. Hope this comment finds you well...
    Just finished podcast #42.
    The Costa Rica spheres reminded me of this AWESOME old German dude - Heinz Schubert Pfronten. Please check out this fabulous video. The entire technique blows my mind, but the second half seems sooo ancient....

    Also, the crystal cube bowel thingies sure remind of the base stone mentioned by the Swedish engineer in "The Lost Technique" of stone levitation.

    Anyway, keep it up guys...
    Many thanks for the thought provoking content and light hearted style.


    1. Yas! I saw his videos a few years ago, while I was still able to lift some heavy objects... made me appreciate the economy of his movements and the tools, supports, and retaining jigs he designed to transform dull grayish stone to lustrous translucent Windows into another world.

  2. I sent you guys an email. Im new. I am listening to the Pueblo episode now. OMG I just drove past the echo chamber feature yesterday. Just wanted to say. I am from Taos. Best!

  3. Holy sacred cow! You guys are so fucking funny. I loved the one minute synopsis of the Randal interview!

  4. Hey guys, love the podcast. Learned of you through the Grimerica podcast and have been hooked ever since. I'm 55 live in Colorado and kind of look at you two as my funny nephews. Concerning your latest episode where you clarified your theories on acoustic levitation at Baalbeck, If we think of earlier prehistoric times when the atmosphere was much thicker and megafauna roamed the earth. Perhaps, animals were bigger, people were bigger, the atmosphere was thicker and sound traveled through a heavier medium having a greater effect on materials. With the proper frequency and volume maybe stones at Baalbeck could be moved. Food for thought boys. I also wanted to mention {this might be from before your time} You can call me Ray and you can call me Jay but you doesn't have to call me Johnson! Look it up I think you'll find it funny. Anyway, hope life finds you happy, healthy and wise. Regards, Wesley

  5. greg .its from kennewick,wa .this is a link to a mammoth dig site a mile from my home.2020 signup starts today# heard you guys were coming this way this summer!!!just sayin

  6. Yo. Emailed you guys some links to pub/journos.. enjoy the anatomy lesson of a comet impact crater.



  7. Just send you guys an email heading Ramblings of a deranged brain, you guys just make my work day fly by

  8. Hay Snake Bros. Enjoying listening to The Gods of Eden episodes. Since you seem to be interested in all things Templar, I recommend watching Part one and part two of this presentation.

  9. I signed up on patreon and cannot get into discord. Struggling badly. HELP!!!!

  10. Hi, I see that there are Zoom meetings going on for the next CAC. How do I find it and sign up for notifications please.

  11. Yo Bros, SNAKES! in my brain, aaiyeee!(cue in Wilhelm Scream) Anyway, guys, and gal, I really, really want to contribute dinero, repeatedly, but I have been sending all my excess cash to local charities, orphanages, soup kitchens, children's services, etc. I would be very poor in the US, probably living in a beat up old van (done it before) to make ends meet, but here in Ecuador I have money to spare and there's a lot of Venezuelan refugees here as well as a large number of the elderly and young in bad straights right now due to our global shared mess of late. So shit. But if the powers that be deem it necessary to send me more stimulating money reptiles everywhere can definitely benefit, including you folks.
    Seriously (is that even possible within the 10x10x10 Cube of tangential exploration between all the good laughs?) If you get Richard Dolan on the 'cast for 1 good UFO retrieval episode I will send mucho dinero for upgrading your crystal spaceship!!
    Keep on keepin'Om, bros!
    Oh yeah I'm not "Unknown" if this posts that way, call me infomorf

  12. Leaf Cutter Ant Problem.
    Get an Armadillo. It's their favourite food.

  13. Yo Snakedudes! I just wanted to turn your heads to two awesome video demonstrations of "primitive" ways to bore holes and make stone vases.
    Drilling :
    Stone Vase :
    Thanks for thinking and entertaining! Sneak!

  14. Love the casts gents. I follow your work with Randall, Brad and Mike with anticipation each week - keep up this awesomeness! You're making an ex-archaeologist very happy, challenging the status quo.

  15. I'm a newbie to the show after hearing it mentioned on No Agenda. Love it so far.

    It got me thinking about things and now I'm on a mission. Does anyone know of any software like Google Earth that lets you view the earth throughout history with the ocean levels rising and falling accordingly? Like go back and see what the oceans and coastlines looked like 100,000 years ago?

  16. Hello. Some of you may know me as SalsidoMedia on Discord. I just wanted to say that I love the podcast, and I really appreciate the warm welcome and awesome discussions I've participated in on the Discord server. My only regret is that I am not in a position to donate to the podcast, because I believe it deserves all of the support it can get. Thanks for providing such a great look into so many interesting topics.

  17. #142
    The boring article Peggs could be detected with the aid of pyramids. Frogs know the secret of shamear You too forked tongued are awesome SNAKES. Request T’s with the glossary

  18. Snakes I'm done with the catalog now my head is expanded far more than 30% it's about the size of a guild Navigator. As an old audio tech analog it's been fun to watch you guys refine your style and you find your craft as you go along I love the serendipitous way anything can enter the conversation I have ADD and a really big vocabulary so I don't have any problem understanding where you're going you haven't shattered any of my paradigms though they are all expanded and I've learned a lot what a long strange trip it's been and will be and you do have something coming from me and a one up box I just have to get to town first as I'm out in the country all the time Guardian getting ready to put in a small Orchard with berries and grapes and several kinds of fruit trees keep up the good work snakes

  19. Great shows snakes! I have literally listen to the Chandra Wickramasinge episode #141 at least 10 times. Talk about mind blown. I have seen one of his collaborators on The Cosmic Tusk; Professor Ted J. Steele, if you haven't seen it please check out his Youtube video on The Cosmic Tusk. I really think he would for a great show. See If George can set you guys up with an interview.

  20. Was listening to the Giza Power Plant episode about resonant frequency feedback loops of the pyramids. It reminded me of an article I read a while back which, imo, explains the scoop marks at Aswan, and also how the diorite balls drilled through solid granite leaving drill marks.

  21. Hi Guys, Yes, I would like to share my information on ultrasonic drilling and carving. My naïve blog has mistakes and inaccuracies so we can make sure the correct info is on your podcast. Great work and talk soon. Please contact me using my gmail account or call me. Thank you for being the first to reach out and be willing to discuss sonic tech. very cool

  22. cool plan to write lyrics about larid's stuff in this meter Lay of the lore-loom (logos?) :) or more 1700s

  23. Here is the Chan Thomas book that was stopped by CIA and released in a reduced version. This is the full book.

    1. Heard it mentioned on your podcast or the cosmic rex, enjoy.

  24. hey Carl and Russ, you say your snakes....serpents? does this mean your actually NAGAS?... please look into this.
    The show is so great, special. you both must have many masters degrees by now in many subjects.

  25. Has anyone else heard about the change in our location we "used to be on the
    what is known as the
    Sagittariuss arm of the milky way" now we are "located on the Orion arm of the milky way?" What am I missing here?

  26. Greetings Brothers,

    I’m an avid listener to your podcasts and have to wear a special helmet with straps to contain brain expansion!

    I have been into this stuff since the 1990’s mainly due to Hancock (but I’m sure I read a book about Santorini or something when I was on holiday in Greece!) – it feeds my mind and intellectual (hmmm) curiosity!

    It came to me today as I was chopping some runner beans that maybe there should be a Brothers of the Serpent dating site! Bringing in Kosmographia also-you get the picture. (Megaliths, astro-archaeology, precision, spinning mercury, cymatics)

    Dating sites suck. The people on them are boring idiots. Even the Goth ones. Let’s make a real one! Proper discussion of anything!

    As a fellow slippery cold blooded mindless killer serpent who randomly ingests small mammals, I find it awkward to connect with human females!

    Just a thought! Bringing likeminded people together? What do you think?

    Anyway, keep it up Brothers!


    Mr Hughes

  27. High one, Snake five !

    Some remnants of the use of the Shamir can be found in this video. The tools of the ancients are gone, lost, destroyed, displaced, never to be found again. But some traces of the lost tech can be found in the ruins of the places where the ancient ones worked with them to gather the resources for their awesome architecture, that we still are unable to understand.

    A tool that cuts through stone with CNC-precision without needing power or producing heat ?
    A tool that transforms hard stone into powder ?

    1. Thanks for the link. I've seen a few of her videos.

  28. Hi. With Reference to the Great Pyramid Ascending passage, Block work anomalies based on Petrie. Please check out,1144573,1144861 If you require any further information.

  29. The Thread starts at,1144573,1144573#msg-1144573 Please read through.

  30. Your shows with Marty Garza are your very best. Just thought you should know.

  31. Hello Snake Brothers
    I enjoy your show, thank you for existing. I love love love the space weather intro music :) <3

    Would Brothers of the Serpent be interested in Meru Foundation? humour me, read on
    Thoth's head looks like an ibis bird.
    There is(imagine) a strange spiral shaped object like a soft serve ice cream, which is tiny sharp at one end then flares out at the back.
    If you had a 2D silhouette this, it would look like Thoth's beak, head and Egyptian style headdress.
    In the first sentence of the bible in Hebrew, there is a kind of symmetry, the letters line up with each demonstrated by rolling the sentence into a spiral.
    Then somehow(scene missing) convert this spiral into a three dimensional form, you will have a donut :) a Tube Torus as the mathematicians would say.
    Then reduce the donut into its simplest mathematical form and you will have the strange object
    If you make this object in 3D, shine a light on it to cast shadows, the shadows cast are the Hebrew alphabet
    Hey wasn't Thoth the god of language and writing?

    Found you through the UnchartedX swapcast.
    I like how your show ask many questions and connect far flung ideas.

    As a child I wondered what could have caused Noah's flood, and how did Maui slow down the sun? I knew the earth was tilted 23degrees, and people were superstitious of comets, maybe then, the earth got hit many years ago which w/could cause a global tsunami, tilt the planet and slow down its rotation.
    3 decades later Im enjoying Randall Carlson and Nick Zentner lectures

    oh and snake fam, get in to this:

  32. Yes.. Web telescope is all over the place now. Lauched on the birthday of the sun or Jesus if you like it must be some symbology to this one aswell. It is an infrared telescope and it will reveal much much much of what we could never see in a regular telescope. If there is a Nibiru or brown dwarf or whatever other object lurking around our starsystem this telescope will reveal it. Not a single word heard about that yet. The telescope has a 6 month acclimation period before it will be used. Let me predict the opening of scientific data collecting day will be 4th july 2022. Symbology, symbology.

  33. Serpent Bros;
    I have yet to dive into your content here, but come here by way of Kosmographia, as I found out about Randall (and you fellas) via Matt LaCroix. I am now a "Ran Fan", and I know you guys are his major boosters. I don't know if any of you guys have researched the Baffin Bay area of Canada. But I have tried to message Randall twice about it, and nothing so far. My friend and research partner, Jason Sgarzi has found some anomalous features there, and in Antarctica - using Google Earth and other commercial satellite platforms. The features in Baffin Bay are made from the native rock, and seem to have been purposefully designed. They are only visible from altitudes of 8 to 12 miles, and show different animals and evolutionary progress. I have dubbed them "terraforms" We have much more info for you, and would appreciate your input on this. I have contacted Matt LaCroix, as well as Michael Tellinger and Freddy Silva. Everyone is very busy! I know you guys are too, and that's a great problem to have! Anyway, I wanted to keep this short. You can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you guys, and I'm diving in on your excellent content!
    Kindest regards,
    Doug Bazley

  34. Found you guys through kosmographia a month ago and I'm through episode 77. I'm loving the show so far, you guys hit all the bases when it comes to the mysteries I'm fascinated by, but mani got big beef with how many holes in Greek mythology you guys have XD, my man Venus and Athena are not the same, and Apollo is not Hermes or thoth, wrong archetypes completely, but that one thing aside love what your doing keep it up

  35. Thank you for this pause to splain your Grande SCHEME to the newbies like me, Innarested, Fascinated, Disoriented, discombobulated, eager to quash the feeling of being in the dark –novitiates, aspirants, probies... Keeping in mind that there are many folks slinking in here who bring LOTS of professional Expertise, training, perspective, discipline... At times they will be able to provide insights, clarity, details, CORRECTIONS (particularly in relation to "Standard Models" that dominate almost every field of Western Knowledge and Thought), all of which can aid us in wrapping our brains around the context, the principle concepts and goals and procedures or analytics, and so on.
    One of the most challenging situations for those of us who have achieved some expertise or credential, is plunging into some utterly unfamiliar territory, in which nothing you've accomplished previously either helps with the present problems, or gets you a gram of respect when you show your pathetic newbie-ness.
    You two crazy guys manage to create an environment where people seem to feel SAFE enough to risk looking like an idiot.
    (actually, I look like an idiot pretty frequently. I should be completely relaxed about it by now.)

  36. I was thinking about starting the profession of Bench Jeweler and remembered episode 194 with Jeffrey Appling. So of course I looked up the links to his blog and YouTube channel. They both have been stripped of content

  37. Episode 273, like the others on Charles Hapgood's 'The Path of the Pole' was most informative and thought-provoking. Lake Titikaka and Tiwanaku are a repository of secrets that many in conventional archaeology prefer should stay that way. There is suppressed evidence of a megalithic city beneath the southern part of the Lake; and no fewer than five different cities buried within strata of alluvial mud underneath the ruins ruins of the present-day archaeological site of Tiwanaku. (That's just for starters).

    As for the flooding of the Altiplano; more recent geological studies have concluded that present-day Titikaka is the shrunken remnant of a pleistocene lake called Lake Tauca. There were other paleo-lakes at times as well. Basically, the salt flats at Coipasa and Uyuni are the dessicated remains of those more salty lakes.

    The question of why there should be so much salt on the high plateau to the south of Titikaka/Tiwanaku is a really interesting one. I agree with Posnansky. it's linked to the rapid melting of the montane glaciers on the Cordilleras, which discharged large volumes of fresh meltwater into Titikaka Basin, flushing its more brackish waters southwards.

    They grow potatoes on the Altiplano today, by the way, which is interesting not least because the genetics of potatoes are highly complex. All the potatoes we eat today are hybrids of several different wild potato species, all of which produce poisonous tubers. Some group of people understood the science of selective breeding well enough to hybridise different species of a poisonous genus of plants so that they could produce edible cultivars. Geneticists think that this was done around 10,000 and, most probably, in the Tirikaka Basin.

  38. Hey dudes,

    Newerish fan. I am a huge Kosmographia fan as well but it got difficult to listen to at work since there is so much information and graphics I just couldn't stop to look up ever picture or chart. So I wandered your way and I'm hooked. I'm about 55 episodes in, and I've listened to your newest episodes as well. Glad to see y'all made it Straight to Pyramids. I'm headed straight to Mexican Pyramids for vacation during the April 2024 solar eclipse, which passes through Texas as well.

    The reason I'm commenting, is to ask if you have heard of Letty Stott? She plays reproductions of various ancient horns. Figured you may be interested, here's a link:

    Cheers from Iowa.

  39. You guys gotta check out the Leviprint. It is a device that used sound waves to levitate objects while assembling components. its tight.

  40. When I read the name of your podcast - I hoped it would be a further exploration of the themes in the great Bramley book. Boy, after listening to many episodes - it is so much more! I started my snaky explorations with Art Bell (worked a night shift), Graham (Fingerprints), and LLoyd Pye "Everything You Know is Wrong: Book One Human Origins". Forgive me if you have covered Lloyd Pye's view on the seeding of planet earth, but I think it warrants a discussion. In addition, it seems to be one of the many "..truth in fiction" predictions made by Arthur C Clarke - seeding space ships and monoliths on moons/planets to name two of them. Keep up your snake shifting - love your podcast!

  41. When's the next egypt trip? Is it open to public?


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