Monday, June 25, 2018

Episode #054: EM Fields and Ancient Technology

We begin by determining the plausibility of excited soccer fans in Mexico causing a 2.0 richter earthquake by converting the total energy of the earthquake into equivalent Black Cat explosions and dividing that into the estimated number of excited soccer fans. At roughly 72 Black Cats per fan, we here at SnakeBros have deemed that this is a plausible explanation(given the estimated number of tacos and nachos consumed prior to the goal being made).

Kyle then reads several excerpts from Forgotten Civilizations, starting a whole conversation about electromagnetic fields and giant blocks and glowing crystal obelisks and the Yuga cycle and longheads and Vimana and secret Nepha spaceships and space genes and smartwater and basically that magnets can help you read minds and explode meteors over Russia and build pyramids and grow space genes. Also, Dolmens are involved. Somehow.

Anyway hopefully you still have your appendix. Enjoy the show.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Scheme to Send SnakeBros Straight to Pyramids

Snakebros Pyramid Scheme

Episode #053: Pre-Columbian Contact and the Enigma of the Mines

After reading an excellent email from Mr. England about the simulation hypothesis, Russ reads a section from Dolmens: Part 2 in an attempt to show why he didn't understand wtf the author was trying to say even though it's clear the author does know
a hell of a lot about those dolmen.....things.
Kyle reads an excerpt from Dr. Robert Schoch's book Forgotten Civilizations about 12ft giants on Easter Island that moved the Moai statues by the simple expedient of allowing the volcano to explode and blow them all over the island.

We go through three excellent Mine The Hive articles, on the Michigan Mines, evidence of precolombian contact with the Americas, and the London Hammer. We laugh about how uniformitarians explain away the latter by totally discarding uniformotarianism.... but you know, just that one time. Which is also very un-uniformitarianesque(we are allowed to make up words here at Snakebros).

We finish off the show with some select axioms about truth seeking and conspiritards.

The Newberry Tablet

Newberry Tablet Script

Ship Petroglyph

One of the mine entrances

Handprint in stone, possibly of one of the miners. The hand is....kind of large. Just sayin'

Saturday, June 16, 2018

What We Talk About

The most common question we get from potential new listeners is "What do you guys talk about on your podcast?"

This short clip is our answer to that question. Next time somone asks you what Snakebros is about, play this for them. Play it in crowded elevators and long lines, on airplanes and in subways and at ancient alien conferences. Share it on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Whatsapp and Snapchat and Angry Birds and whatever else you kids use these days. You tell 'em Snakebros is comin'..... and Hell's comin' with us.

Oh and also tell 'em they should check out the podcast. At least till hell gets there and, you know, consumes their souls or whatever.

 Brothers of the Serpent Promo

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Episode #052: Dolmens and the Wielders of the Shamir

Russ starts the show with a fantastic headline from the Flat Earth Society and then proceeds to flip out about aptronyms. Kyle then reads an article that points out that humans can live on Mars provided they are in space suits.

We then turn to the topic of dolmens, the fact that over 90,000 of them have been found around the world, they are precisely engineered, are of uncertain age, and have no known function. We(mostly Kyle) gives several possibilities as to the function of these mysterious ancient constructions.

After explaining that we'd love for people to help us pay to go get lost and die, we wrap it up with an overview of the picture of the ancient world that we have been outlining throughout the past 52 shows.

Thanks for sticking with us this far, and enjoy the show!