Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Episode #162: UFOs - Part 1

With all the UFO stuff in the news recently, we've been thinking we need to do an episode dedicated to the topic. So this week we are joined in-studio by Marty Garza, a former MUFON investigator with decades of interest and research in the subject of UFOs.

We invited Marty to come spend a day with us.  We hung out, drank beers and talked about UFOs. Then we got in the studio and recorded an episode on the subject. Marty brought a stack of books with him and had copious notes, and we could tell half way through recording this episode that it was going to have to be a multi-part deep dive. So there will be future UFO episodes with Marty until we finish going through all of his notes.

This week, the topic mostly centers on the beginning of the "modern" era of UFO sightings starting after WW2, and the government response to the phenomena.

(Marty also happens to be a member of the championship winning monster truck team "Overkill Evolution". Sadly, he did not pull up to the tangent cube in the actual monster truck. Next time, maybe.)

Friday, August 21, 2020

Episode #161: Mysterious Stone Sites with Linda Zimmermann

This week we speak with Linda Zimmermann, author of Mysterious Stone Sites, about the stone effigies, dolmen, balanced rocks, and chambers of the Hudson Valley area. Linda has done extensive research on the archeo-astronomy of the chambers, walls, and other strange stone features found in the northeastern United States, and she shares a wealth of information and experiences with us, detailing her efforts to travel to various sites during solstices and equinoxes to witness for herself the celestial alignments.

At the end of the show she also gives us a quick rundown of the many interesting UFO cases in the Hudson Valley area, and relates one of her own experiences with a strange object in the sky.

Find more about Linda and her extensive work in many areas of mystery at her website.

North Salem Balanced Rock

Glacial Chatter Marks

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Episode #160: Megalithic America with Glenn Kreisberg

We talk with Glenn Kreisberg, author of Spirits in Stone, about the many megaliths, dolmens, standing stones, and stone effigy sites in the northeastern U.S.

Although there are undoubtedly many colonial artifacts like stone piles and stone border walls throughout the northeastern United States, Glenn describes how some of these sites display celestial and internal alignments that make them unlikely to be the constructions of farmers clearing land and marking borders. He also gives several ways of trying to determine if one is looking at a "colonial" construction, or something much more ancient and interesting.

We also briefly discuss some of his work on Malta, and the seemingly anomalous acoustical properties of the Hypogeum.

You can find Glenn's book at the link above, and follow his work at his website,

This episode's show art was made by Henry Hablak. Check out his website and follow him on instagram.

Art by Henry Hablak

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Episode #159: Laird Scranton on Ancient Wisdom

We have an excellent conversation with author Laird Scranton about his research into the wisdom of the ancients; the Dogon, the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Hindu traditions, and more, all seem to contain parts of a precise scientific understanding of the cosmos, life, consciousness, and the nature of matter and energy. Laird describes how many of these ancient traditions express this understanding through the use of symbols that are often the same or very similar even across distant cultures.
We talk about the "civilizer gods", the Apkallu, the Seven Sages, and the Viracochas...all of which may be the result of beings from the "immaterial realm" crossing over during the times when our universe is closest to theirs, in order to teach and establish systems of knowledge that will survive across many thousands of years when the two realms are too "distant" to fully interact.

A very interesting conversation that left us with a lot to ponder.