YouTubes and Links

Yes we are on YouTube! Find the Brothers of the Serpent podcast playlist at the link above.

We exist on YouTube thanks to the tireless efforts of listener HistoryShift. Check out his website, linked above, for updates on his explorations of strange geology in Montana. He even provides coordinates to the places he finds, so you can go see them too! Follow him on Twitter, @HistoryShift

This excellent YouTube channel is maintained by Brad, who has been working with Randall Carlson for over 22 years. Look no further if you want All the Randall You Can Handle!

This is the podcast we do with Randall Carlson and Brad.

This guy makes videos of him drawing in real time that you can watch along with our podcast audio. He also doodles along with Where did the Road Go, Conspirinormal, The C-Word Podcast and others. Check it out, and follow him on twitter for other graphical goodies! @Poddoodles.

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