Support the show! Here at Brothers of the Serpent we believe in the Value For Value model, which means our podcasting efforts are supported entirely by you, the listeners. We don't have any ads in our shows, and we are not monetized on YouTube or anywhere else.

Value For Value means that if you feel the show gives you value, then you can return that value by donating. We accept donations mainly through Paypal for one-time donations and Patreon for monthly donations. If you join our Patreon, you will get access to special Patreon content, as well as a special channel in our Discord Server for Patreon members.
We can also accept donations of Cryptocurrency. See below for addresses.

Donation Methods

Paypal(click the donate button below)

Cryptocurrency Donations:

BTC(Bitcoin): 36B9JtzxNruWJFMoSSdgNC2YCY3B8adxfN

ETH(Ethereum): 0xDD0C9b5a06b198F487Cd9947CB864B99b8733D03

ADA(Cardano): addr1vxvy6x02mv0dyrnjaxha0wa2r3essut680hahdj9chxvlzqcqpyay

(If you want to donate using a different cryptocurrency, send us an email at and we'll get you an address for that currency and add it here)

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