Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmasssss Snakes!!

Just a quick shout out to all our listeners and friends from the whole SnakeBros family. We love you, merry christmas/happy holidays to you all!!

 Brothers of the Serpent Merry Xmas 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Episode #079: Walter Bosley on Sir Richard F. Burton

We talk with Walter Bosley on his book "Secret Missions II: The Lost Expedition of Sir Richard Francis Burton", which, if you haven't read it...go read it.

Right now. We'll wait.



Done? Ah yes, you have the classic "omg my mind is blown" facial expression. Good. We talk about that mind blowing book in this episode, and more.

For those who have seen the movie "The Lost City of Z" about the adventures of Col. Percy Fawcett, this is like that, only more. And before. Basically, the stuff in that movie happened because of the stuff in Bosley's book.

You can find Walter Bosley on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter at @WBBosley. His books are available on lulu. He also has a blog called Empire of the Wheel (which has the same background as our website--the man has good taste).

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Episode #078: George Howard

We have a very special episode for all you snake sibs out there, we interviewed Mr. George Howard, who has been involved with the Comet Research Group from the very beginning in the work on the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, which we have spoken of many times in previous episodes. George gives us all kinds of insider insights on the evolution of the hypothesis over the years, leading up to and including the recent publications on the Hiawatha Crater in Greenland, and where he sees the research going in the future and how this new data might affect the "standard model" of human development.

George also sets the record straight on the attempted character assassination of Dr. Allen West, discusses the Carolina Bays, the Alaska Muck, and at least once refers to skerptards as "skerptards".

Follow George on Twitter @CosmicTusk
and at his website and blog, The Cosmic Tusk.

Enjoy! (we certainly did)

Hiawatha Crater in Greenland

Carolina Bays

LIDAR of the Bays
Image of a double rimmed bay from George's website

Location of bay groups across the US
The bays are "Conic Sections"

Friday, December 7, 2018

SnakeBros LateNite

This episode contains drunk people 

While Kyle and Russ slept the sleep of innocent serpents, the ten by ten by ten Tangent Cube of Science was hijacked by drunk friends who secretly recorded themselves attempting to make a podcast episode in the best SnakeBros tradition. This is the result.

Of course, they never thought we would publish it. But once we heard it, we knew we had to. Not only is it hilarious, it also has some really excellent content on ancient mysteries.


Brothers of the Serpent LateNite 

Hiawatha Crater

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Episode #077: Solving Alchemical Mysteries

We read and discuss articles about recent earthquake mysteries, vanishing quasars, and a very strange standalone doorway in Rome called the Porta Alchemica which has inscribed upon it numerous riddles which we endeavor to solve on the fly.

In the final segment, Russ reads from Michael Cremo's book Hidden History of the Human Race, focusing on a few of the anomalous discoveries of human artifacts buried in strata that is normally considered to be hundreds of millions of years old.