Friday, May 25, 2018

Episode #049: Gods of Eden and Worlds in Collision

Kyle has been "reading" Velikovsky's "Worlds in Collision" so we spend most of the show discussing the alternate view of history Velikovsky proposes in that book, and in the fourth segment, Russ reads some excerpts from William Brambley's "Gods of Eden" regarding the medieval plagues and how those epidemics seemed to be a result of objects being seen in the sky and strange black clad figures moving through crop fields at night.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Episode #048: Sacred Geometry and Ancient Architects

Why do ancient ruins align astronomically, or incorporate fundamental universal constants such as π(Pi) or φ(Phi)? Why was world-changing, mind-opening knowledge made esoteric, concealed behind symbols in stories and works of art? Why do so many ancient ruins appear like mysterious puzzles, with clear traces of technology but unfathomable function? Why are pyramids so cool and who the fuck builds a stonehenge?

These are some of the questions we completely fail to answer on this episode, continuing our discussion from previous episodes, stemming from Kyle's perusal of the Book of Enoch(by Enoch). References in the notes of that hoary tome led Russ to acquire Megalithic Architects Book 1: Thoth, the Architect of the Universe, by Ralph Ellis, a book that is concerned mostly with ancient metrology, or systems and units of measure. Why couldn't the ancients just use the metric system like normal, sane people who find simple arithmetic understanding like nine equals 3/4ths of 12 (9in. is 3/4 of one ft) too hard? Why are there three feet in a yard when we only have two feet? Why aren't inches called toes and why are there twelve in a foot when we only have ten, five to a foot? And which yard are they talking about anyway, the front or the back?

We don't know the answers to these questions. Maybe the ancients hadn't "progressed" to the point where they needed to use fingers and toes to help them do basic arithmetic. That's evolution for ya, baby.

We talk about all these things and more on this episode. Enjoy!

P. S. To all you Metric System devotees out there: How long is a parking meter?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Episode #047: Comparative Snakeology

We emerge puffy-faced and bleary-eyed from a five-day internet blackout, unbathed, unshaven, clothes worn ragged on our backs, only to realize it's Tuesday and thus time to record a podcast. Having been able to do no research at all because of the blackout, we decide that it doesn't really matter because we've never done research for these shows anyway.

But Kyle recalls something from ancient times that may help us, an archaic alchemical practice involving the use of caustic acids to acquire organic fibres extracted from certain deciduous growths, which are then embedded within the matrix of a special resin aggregate. This is followed by the precise and minute application of a special solution comprised of a mixture of obscure dark powders from deep in the Punjab in India, which are completely dissolved into carefully filtered and distilled alcohol. When this is done properly, beneath the light of a waxing gibbous harvest moon, with the precise performance of all ritual movements, burnt sacrifices, and praises raised to the dark gods of hidden knowledge, the result is an actual physical object shaped like a small box, which contains within it all manner of complex and secret knowledge and practices.

This thing, which the ancients were aware of and of which they made plenty, was called a "book".

Mind => Blown

So the first two segments are spent discussing the contents of a book Kyle has been going through(a little number some of you might be familiar with called "The Book of Enoch", by Enoch) as well as a book Russ has been studying(called "The Velikovsky Heresies" by Laird Scranton). Actually, the discussion was supposed to be focused on the Book of Enoch, but Russ keeps bringing up the Velikovsky Heresies almost as if he's trying to say "Hey, look, I can read books too" or something.

For the second hour our longstanding resident Show Observer and Fact Checker extraordinaire, Mr. Brett England, B. Sci, EMT, MiB, WtF etc etc joins us in-studio because the conversation wasn't confusing enough in the first two segments. The three of us ponder the origins of the esoteric traditions and make fun of materialists before moving, in the final segment, to a minor expose on the strange subject of Zoroastrianism and their singular god of the winged disk and small asian cars, Ahura Mazda.

The Book of Bigoted Old Shaman

Kyle's phone reads this to him at work

The 50th Parallel is the curved red line crossing the upper part of the map 

The ruins in a Siberian lake

Ahura Mazda: The Man in the Winged Disc

Being depicted on cylinder seals makes Ahura Mazda most happy

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Episode #046: Cicada 3301 and Other Mysterious Puzzles

Some interesting "weird news" items this week, 50,000 year old carved stone heads found in Texas and Pleistocene Buttflappers used the Distraction Dance on Giant Sloths when hunting them, for example. Some obligatory ridicule of the paradigm here as well.  

Russ reads an article about the strange "Cicada 3301" superpuzzles that have appeared online, leading thousands of some of the most intelligent and knowledgeable people on the planet through a bewildering crypto-labyrinth where Mayan numerology, Victorian Gothic poetry, and obscure magical grimoires from the Middle Ages are just a few of the many things that people are required to have knowledge of in order to solve the puzzles and acquire the clues for locating more, until eventually the people at the head of the game, the ones solving it better and faster than everyone else, are whisked away into the shadows, never to be heard from again; like they got hired to be MiB or something.
There is also mention of the similar strange metagame from KanyeQuest, that leads one toward "Ascension" for an as-yet unknown goal, that Russ participated in briefly and helped solve a few of the puzzles and decipher a clue or two.

In the second half of the show, for the first segment we discuss Episode 045, the interview with Mr. Spriggs about the Missing 411 mystery, and what our developing thoughts are on that whole topic.
The final segment is spent talking philosophical concepts concerning the primacy of frequency in the material realm, and how some of it seems to originate from some other, perpendicular non-material realm. Kyle describes his thoughts about musical instruments and how they seem to be in some ways transducers of emotion into actual physical form.

It's a good show. Enjoy.