Thursday, November 7, 2019

Episode #121: Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt - Part 3

We conclude our deep dive into Christopher Dunn's excellent book, "Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt" in this final episode of a three-part series by looking at Dunn's work and observations in Dendera, at the Temple of Hathor, and the ultra-precise machining evidence there. We also read some of his quotes from Flinders Petrie, the "father" of Egyptology, about the evidence for anomalous cutting of very hard stones in ancient Egypt.

And we conclude with a reading of part of Chris' conclusion of his book, where he lays it all out and basically says the standard model is wrong, whoever built these monuments and carved these objects had machine tools, and more importantly, machine-guided tools.


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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Episode #120: Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt - Part 2

This is part two of what is now obviously going to be a three-part series on a detailed look at engineer Chris Dunn's book, "Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt". In this part, we go back to the beginning of the book where Dunn is studying aspects of the many enormous monolithic statues that can be found in temples all over Egypt. Again and again, his studies find evidence of advanced planning, advanced machining, and the ability to check precision to a very high degree of accuracy.

We also read some very interesting accounts from the book, taken from the writings of explorers from previous centuries who delved into the Serapeum tunnels when the entrance was still concealed under sand.

There is so much information in this book! Part three coming next week.


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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Episode #119: UnchartedX

Ben from UnchartedX joins us to talk about "the case for rewriting history", his travels to ancient sites around the world, and his excellent work on his fast-growing youtube channel. Ben has been to Peru and Egypt several times each, traveled with Graham Hancock and Brien Forester, and taken many terabytes of high quality video and photographs of mysterious aspects of ancient sites, some of which are not easy to get to.

All in all it was a great conversation covering many of our favorite topics. Enjoy!

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Bulldozer Rampage

Ben has a fantastic gallery of images from his travels already available on the web. Take a look! most of the topics we cover on this episode have relevant images in the gallery.

UnchartedX Website