Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Episode #110: Scottie Baldwin

This week we have Scottie Baldwin join us to talk about his career as a FOH Engineer for world-class music acts, traveling the world, the philosophy of science, ancient mysteries, the physics of sound, and a possible encounter with a ghost in an old theatre.

All in all it's an excellent conversation, much thanks to Scottie for coming on the show! Enjoy!

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Episode #109: David Mathisen

David Mathisen joins us to talk about comparative mythology, astronomy, and constellations as symbols that cross cultures and enormous swathes of time in human history. We did some screen sharing of images and the Stellarium application in this interview, so if you want to see what David was showing us, check our YouTube channel for the video!

We also talk a little bit about some interesting gelological concepts, and discuss the upcoming Contact at the Cabin event we'll be hosting along with Grimerica and David in Utah.

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Episode #108: Randall Carlson

We are joined once again by the one and only Randall Carlson for an epic show on numerology, sacred geometry, astronomy, ancient mysteries and knowledge, magic, symbolism and esoterica... all that great stuff Randall talks about when he's not talking about geology.

Also joining us is Brad Young, who has worked with Randall for over two decades, planning and organizing Randall's trips into the field to examine and study the marks of past catastrophes in the geological record.


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The following are the slides Randall showed us during the course of the podcast. If you want to see the screen sharing video to get the full effect, check out our YouTube channel!