Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Episode #033: Manuscript 512 and Global Cataclysm

Episode 33! For this esoteric and mysterious episode we return to a subject which many of you expressed interest in and wanted to know more about: Manuscript 512, that fascinating and incredibly frustrating document of the discovery of an ancient, abandoned city deep in the highlands of Brazil and the Amazonian jungle, where the descriptions of all the best pyramids have been eaten by a worm(who was later nominated for, and subsequently won, the 20th Century's Most Annoying Lifeform Ever award as well as the prestigious Most Successful Destruction of Priceless Knowledge Since Alexandria Burned award).

We also discuss deep ocean impacts causing 20,000ft high tidal waves, whale fossils found high in mountains, marine animals trapped in freshwater lakes at 11,000ft above sea level, anomalous fossilized homo sapiens footprints in deep geological strata, and give a much more detailed look at the travesty to archaeology and Egyptology that was the entire episode with the shafts and the doors and Hawass and the National Geographic channel.

Enjoy! (and be incredibly irritated) 

The Manuscript. Material missing due to worm infestation on upper right, which once contained all the best pyramids

Above are all examples of the odd script described several times in the Manuscript. Anyone recognize any of these symbols? Enochian, perhaps? 

Gantenbrink's Door

Clearly, The Falcon does not give af. 

And lastly, for those of you who think it can't or won't happen to you:

A Fossilized Snakebro

Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on the skies people. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Episode #032: More Bermuda Triangle, Electromagnetism, and Radio

In this episode we got started really late due to some technical difficulties, so our conversations tend to meander a bit more than usual, and there are more than the usual number of bad puns and dad jokes. (We have determined that the number of puns and dad jokes is closely proportional to the number of hours it has been since we last slept.)

Nevertheless we have some good conversations about the Bermuda Triangle mysteries(as Russ reads more from Into the Bermuda Triangle by Gian Quasar), Nikola Tesla, electromagnetism and radio, skerptards skerpderping everything and swarming wikipedia articles, undocumented meteorites endangering the whole planet due to the government shutdown, and setting fire to flat earthers.

A photo of the elevated TangentCube Studio monitor, which we use to display pertinent data during the show, as well as Brett's corrective/helpful/fact checking commentary. Shown here with the new Segment Time popup window

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Episode #031: Dyslexia, Sleep Triangles and the Bermuda Paralysis

In this very special unplugged episode we dyslexia discuss. Kyle had a very dyslexia slight when he was younger, and he continues to experience it today under very conditions specific. We talk about what could possibly be causing it, and Kyle gives an interesting description of feels it how to experience inside dyslexia.

We briefly touch on how someone can come close to touching you and you'll feel like they are touching you even though they totally aren't touching you, and how this sensation is similar to the "opressing" sensation people sometimes experience during sleep paralysis(which is probably because incredibly opressive demons are standing there totally not touching you).

Pressing on, we bring up the impressive story of the San Pedro mummy, and how Russ saw something in the traveling museum exhibit "Mummys of the World" that looked a lot like the now missing Pedro. Kyle didn't remember this at all, but after pressing him on the subject, he confirmed that true it was.

For the last few segments we go through some great pullquotes from the book Into the Bermuda Triangle by Gian Quasar, which leads into some great discussion on electromagnetic fields and cryptography and crop circles. Show the enjoy!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Episode #030: Jeremy Figgins

Episode 30 is a fantastic interview with a scholar of all things strange, credentialed ancient historian, Fortean initiate, and most importantly a dedicated Snakebros listener, mister Jeremy Figgins.

The official show observer Brett England joins us for the interview, throughout which we discuss....well, just about everything, and Jeremy gives us his unique insight on many classic Snakebro topics. Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Episode #029: Anti-Memes, Cognitohazards, and... something

We start the first episode of 2018 with a great discussion about......about, umm.....wha.....? Well we intended to discuss the concept of anti-memes but....hmmm. Anyway, we talk about the universal and cosmological "twin" concept, also called symmetry, and how this concept seems to extend far back into the depths of prehistory by way of a curious twin mythology.

Kyle brings up the beneficial mental aspects of turning off the constant input and "unplugging", as it were, in order to process everything that has been learned and also to take some time for some self improvement mind-hacking goodness.

We finish this...oddly short episode....with a brief examination of the recently released UFO footage from the Pentagon and then a discussion of the inherently primitive "Lord of the Flies" culture caused by huge public schools.

We kinda feel like we forgot something...?  But whatever. Enjoy the show.