Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Episode #029: Anti-Memes, Cognitohazards, and... something

We start the first episode of 2018 with a great discussion about......about, umm.....wha.....? Well we intended to discuss the concept of anti-memes but....hmmm. Anyway, we talk about the universal and cosmological "twin" concept, also called symmetry, and how this concept seems to extend far back into the depths of prehistory by way of a curious twin mythology.

Kyle brings up the beneficial mental aspects of turning off the constant input and "unplugging", as it were, in order to process everything that has been learned and also to take some time for some self improvement mind-hacking goodness.

We finish this...oddly short episode....with a brief examination of the recently released UFO footage from the Pentagon and then a discussion of the inherently primitive "Lord of the Flies" culture caused by huge public schools.

We kinda feel like we forgot something...?  But whatever. Enjoy the show.

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