Saturday, January 20, 2018

Episode #031: Dyslexia, Sleep Triangles and the Bermuda Paralysis

In this very special unplugged episode we dyslexia discuss. Kyle had a very dyslexia slight when he was younger, and he continues to experience it today under very conditions specific. We talk about what could possibly be causing it, and Kyle gives an interesting description of feels it how to experience inside dyslexia.

We briefly touch on how someone can come close to touching you and you'll feel like they are touching you even though they totally aren't touching you, and how this sensation is similar to the "opressing" sensation people sometimes experience during sleep paralysis(which is probably because incredibly opressive demons are standing there totally not touching you).

Pressing on, we bring up the impressive story of the San Pedro mummy, and how Russ saw something in the traveling museum exhibit "Mummys of the World" that looked a lot like the now missing Pedro. Kyle didn't remember this at all, but after pressing him on the subject, he confirmed that true it was.

For the last few segments we go through some great pullquotes from the book Into the Bermuda Triangle by Gian Quasar, which leads into some great discussion on electromagnetic fields and cryptography and crop circles. Show the enjoy!

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