Thursday, December 31, 2020

Episode #180: Listener Communications (and some Dark Matter)

This is our final episode for 2020, and we streamed it live to the Discord, which is always fun. The Watcher was there, plus a lot of the Discord Snakeforce, trolling us non-stop in the chats while we recorded the episode.

We had a lot of listener emails backed up, plus we had a "stack of stuff" that we hadn't yet gotten to on the show, so for this episode we go through all the emails and respond to them, plus we read some articles on possible alien signals being detected, the sun may be actually about to enter into a really powerful new solar cycle rather than a weak one, and a jeweler who uses ultrasonic tools that leave very similar marks on the stones he works, as what is often seen in Egypt, Peru, and other places with mysterious ancient stonework.

In the last segment, Kyle talks about his renewed interest in the "search for dark matter" being undertaken by standard model physicists, what he is learning, what he hopes to learn, and what he thinks so far about what he is discovering. Dark matter, and dark energy, may be part of a resonant effect that permeates the entirety of the observable universe.

See you all in 2021!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Episode #179: George Howard - The Cosmic Tusk in Egypt

George Howard joins us once again on the show, this time to talk about his recent trip to Egypt with Ben from UnchartedX. We talk with George about his impressions of the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley Temple, the Osireion, the Bent Pyramid, the unfinished obelisk, the Temple of Hathor, and of course, the Serapeum and the enigmatic stone boxes inside it. George tells us about the somewhat harrowing experience of descending over a hundred feet into a narrow shaft to see other granite boxes beneath the Giza plateau. We talk about George's overall impressions of the constructions he saw, and about the possibility of some of the objects being "precursor" artifacts, surround by later dynastic constructions.

George has posted about the trip on his excellent blog, The Cosmic Tusk.

He has also posted a collection of over 500 images from the trip.

Aside from the conversation with George, we also open a bunch of 1-up boxes (it was like Christmas in the Tangent Cube), and we read articles about the re-discovered Dixon artifact from the Great Pyramid, papers showing that Issac Newton believed the pyramid contained ancient secrets about the Earth and the apocalypse, and that the modern Venus is like ancient Earth while modern Earth is like ancient Venus.

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Friday, December 18, 2020

Episode #178: Tesla, Astrophysics and the Standard Candle

Archer Finley joins us again, this time from afar, for a continued discussion of Tesla's wireless transmission project and to answer questions that episode generated from listeners (and us).
This leads to a discussion of one of Tesla's other projects, "Telegeodynamics", or, the transmission of mechanical energy through the body of the earth....also sometimes referred to as "the earthquake machine".

Then we read an article sent by a listener about a project to understand what kinds of long-term geological signatures might be left on a planet by an advanced civilization, and how we might look for these kinds of signatures in earth's geological history, and how this could help us find signatures of advanced civilizations on distant exoplanets.

This leads into a discussion of the current state of the search for exoplanets, what astronomers are finding, and what this data implies about the actual number of planets out there in the universe.

We also discuss the concept of an astronomical "standard candle", also known as a Type 1a Supernova, the standard model theoretical process by which these events happen, and how modern astrophysicists and cosmologists used them to measure the expansion rate of the universe, which lead to the concept of "dark energy".

We end the show with a special bonus segment where we talk about large resonant systems, and how they tend to want to synchronize the component parts, and how this possibly applies to Velikovsky's ideas.

Also it explains pyramids.

Link to the metronome synchronization video:

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Episode #177: Laird Scranton and the Velikovsky Heresies

This week we are joined again by Laird Scranton to talk about The Velikovsky Heresies, as a follow up to our deep dive on that book.  We talk through many of the questions we developed during the course of the deep dive series, such as the problem of calendar changes and how some cultures made changes to their calendars long after the 7th century BC. We talk about the ancient Chinese and Korean records of astronomical observations that don't seem to match up with current solar system models. We talk about the Dogon and their traditions that correspond to ancient Egypt and their calendars.

We also take some time to ask Laird some questions that listeners posted in the Discord, about a wide range of subjects that leads in many interesting directions.

Thanks to Henry Hablak for the awesome show art!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Episode #176: Nikola Tesla and Wireless Power

Archer Finley joins us in studio once again, this time to give us an electrical engineer's perspective on the topic of Tesla's experiments into wireless power transmission. Archer starts with the basics, interspersing the history of Tesla's work with basic circuit diagrams, and working up to Tesla's actual patents related to the wireless transmission of electricity.

We discuss how the system would work, according to the patents, and whether it could actually be implemented on a global scale. We talk about whether this system involves "free energy" or not, and about why Tesla lost the funding for the project.

Archer did this presentation as a slide show, and the images he used were very helpful in understanding the way the system should work. Be sure to check our youtube channel for this episode, as we did record video for the whole presentation.