Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Episode #162: UFOs - Part 1

With all the UFO stuff in the news recently, we've been thinking we need to do an episode dedicated to the topic. So this week we are joined in-studio by Marty Garza, a former MUFON investigator with decades of interest and research in the subject of UFOs.

We invited Marty to come spend a day with us.  We hung out, drank beers and talked about UFOs. Then we got in the studio and recorded an episode on the subject. Marty brought a stack of books with him and had copious notes, and we could tell half way through recording this episode that it was going to have to be a multi-part deep dive. So there will be future UFO episodes with Marty until we finish going through all of his notes.

This week, the topic mostly centers on the beginning of the "modern" era of UFO sightings starting after WW2, and the government response to the phenomena.

(Marty also happens to be a member of the championship winning monster truck team "Overkill Evolution". Sadly, he did not pull up to the tangent cube in the actual monster truck. Next time, maybe.)


  1. Okay, you forgot the introduction, but somebody remembered to hit the record button, so all good...

  2. I'm about two hours in. You've just returned from a break and are trying to express how physical and non-physical entities can exist and how non-physical entities must have a technology to show up here.

    For a completely different and very sound way of looking at this, I highly recommend you read "Daimonic Reality" by Patrick Harpur.

    I can't condense a book hundreds of pages long into a paragraph, but Harpur explains how all entities exist in a daimonic reality and choose to express their current reality in different ways.

    I have read extensively for many years on UFO's, alternative archeology, things Fortean and anything weird and for me, this is the most important book on these subjects. His view is both complete and coherent. Is he right? Maybe being right is impossible - what's important is having a framework for understanding.

  3. What is the bumper music at 1hr 58 minutes??

  4. Hey Eddie, that bumper is called Solemn. It’s an original piece and is only published as bumper music on the podcast. There will be a future rendition of this song by Fifty Dollar Dynasty…. Some day.

  5. At least one other commenter to SnakeBros has already suggested this idea, and it seems worth considering: that is, the image we humans see in these UFO sightings might be mental “projections” by the operators of those vehicles.
    If not mental projections determining our perceptions, then possibly actual physical distortions of the image we are allowed to see.

    It does seem that the operators of the UFOs at some point decided that it’s time to begin getting humans ready to fully realize we will have to come to terms with these visitors, whether they are Aliens from other parts, or Humans from the future.

    One thought about the mutilations — the aliens presumably have the ability to dispose of the carcasses somewhere we humans would never see’em again. So… consistently returning the carcasses to the vicinity from which the living animals were taken HAS to be intentional.


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