Thursday, September 3, 2020

Episode #163: Strange Realities with Conspirinormal

This week we are joined by Adam and Serfiel, hosts of the Conspirinormal podcast, for a long-form round-table discussion of everything from cryptids to conspiracies to the Custodians of the Gods of Eden.

We also take a few minutes in the middle of the show to discuss their upcoming Strange Realities Conference, a digital conference they are hosting at the end of the year with some excellent guests giving talks on fascinating topics.


  1. You never put "giants" in the labels.

  2. Just discovered that I don't need to fuck about with YT and background apps or mp3 downloaders and I can come to your actual website and hear you, and close my phone and still hear you! Amayzin. Much love upon snakefam

    1. Actually nah, in the end I had to DL but that's still rad. 140mb, bypass the YT, happy chappy. I see its two eps for me tonight, lovely. Cheers fellas


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