Thursday, December 5, 2019

Episode #124: Swapcast with Mike & Maurice's Mind Escape

We have an excellent discussion about all things ancient and mysterious with Mike and Maurice from the Mind Escape podcast. We talk about ancient structures, the mystery of the beginnings of agriculture and animal husbandry, global mythic stories, the deluge, the confusion of tongues, and much more! We also talk about how we all got started in podcasting and in exploring mysteries in general, and the value of seeking better questions rather than "answers".


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  1. Hey guys, great show as always. Just wanted to share something regarding the domestication discussion, about how we haven't domesticated anything recently. There is an interesting (apparently ongoing) experiment in Russia started in the 50s, domesticating foxes just to see if selective breeding can cause speciation. They had pretty rapid success, by selecting fox kits that more easily got along with human handling, and they quickly began having different coloration and stuff too, like dogs.

    Like you, I'm still baffled as to how you do this with an auroch or wild goat, though I've only just started down this rabbithole, as you now got me interested in it. I barely even know what the standard model says, let alone more open minds/theories that would better accord to a deeper timeline that seems ever more likely. But I can easily see dogs being domesticated this way, as wolves hung around camps eating scraps got used to humans, and we got used to them, as a sort of outer defense and maybe even them leading us to prey. Dogs seem to have been the first thing we domesticated; then maybe when people got the idea of domestication as a concept, they applied it outward. We're a pretty creative species.

    Also, and you guys ALMOST said it in the pod, there's a great reason to grow a field of wheat that you can't eat: BEER! Even the buttflaps wanna get smashed sometimes, right? In fact I'm gonna go grab one myself. Cant wait for the next episode, keep up the good work!


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