Thursday, May 7, 2020

Episode #146: The Gods of Eden - Part 5

We continue our reading of William Bramley's The Gods of Eden, following the corrupt Brotherhood and the Custodial machinations to the end of the Crusades. Bramley focuses briefly on the ancient Americas, talking about the Custodial influences there, with the same legends of "gods" from other worlds or the stars. We then go back across the Atlantic and begin looking at the Black Death and the plague years, and the strange sightings in the sky of lights and objects during this period,as well as the unknown cloaked figures reported in the outskirts of towns that later became the popularized image of "Death", holding a scythe.

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  1. SNAKES!! Gods of the Serpent EP 5 War - All wars are Banker's wars, regardless of the other claimed causes and excuses. The only ones who truly profit are those who don't fight. Secondly, U.S. soldiers had standing orders during the Spanish-American War, in the Philippines, to execute all males over the age of 11 - supposedly this is the age where the young boys become capable fighters for the opposition. There are letters from the front in newspapers of the time where they brag about how much fun they had complying with this order! No better than the nazis or the Japanese army that came along later, and all to normal in the "justified" arena of war


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