Thursday, April 30, 2020

Episode #145: The Gods of Eden - Part 4

We continue to follow Bramley's "Custodial" powers up through history as the Brotherhood continues to splinter and create warring factions across the globe, keeping humans splintered and scattered and fighting amongst each other while these ancient powers pull strings in the background. We look at the early formation of Christianity and how it changed when governmental powers moved in and absorbed it. We look at the beginnings of the Islamic faith, and the splintering and factioning that happened soon after. We look at the crusades, the Knights of St. John who became the Knights of Malta, and the Templars who became the Knights of Christ and later, the Freemasons. We look at the Assassins, and the powerful tool of the "lone assassin".

We also read a lot of listener communications talking about the previous Gods of Eden episodes, read an article from the Cosmic Tusk about space bacteria, and Kyle reads another great article written by a skerptard on the life and ideas of Dr. Freeman Dyson, which spurs a short conversation on the concept of "macrostructures" like the Dyson Sphere.


  1. My gf knows when I am listening to the BOTS podcast cuz when the bumper music (at 40min in or the end), I put on a stone face and dance horribly. Such groovy beats. Also can't wait till y'all take those banners on the road to some conferences and do some live podcasts.whould be dooooooooooopppeeeeee. Snake it easy dudes

  2. New chat acronym, fell to my knees and wept "ftmkaw". Doesn't really roll off the tounge. On another note, the stars are a perfect way to record history. But, there must always remain a key to interpret them such as art, stories and writing. Without that one is unable to see the history in the stars and all record of it would be lost. History effectively wiped clean. Pretty mind-blowing to me. Ftmkaw.. hehe


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