Thursday, May 14, 2020

Episode #147: Splash Chevrons and Effortless Power

Russ is sick this week(not with Covid19, don't worry), so we had to put the Gods of Eden book report on hold because Russ can't read when he's sick. (Well, really, it's just hard to talk so much with a sore throat).

So instead we have Chris Cottrel from The Dabbler's Den on for a segment to talk to us about a new and fascinating idea that he and Antonio Zamora have been working on, related to the Carolina Bays,  called "Splash Chevrons". Chris shows us some of the LiDAR images he has been looking at that show these features(if you want to see the images, you can check our YouTube Channel for the video for this episode, as we did record video during the interview with Chris),  and we talk about what they might be.

We also have on our good friend Brendan Lea, who some of you may know from recent emails to the show about "nothing". We talk with him about his work with world champion martial artist Peter Ralston, but we talk not about "fighting", really, but something much deeper about the nature of reality itself and what that means(or doesn't), because part of the training he has undergone with Peter is about having an "enlightenment" experience of something absolute, and that changed his life and his entire outlook on reality itself.

We hope you enjoy this show, and the book report will resume next week!


  1. Feel better soon Russ, I love your book report!

  2. i would like to say 2 things , one : get well russ

    and two : ( one more poorly plopped in foot note , you dont have to read this big paragraph on the show if you dont want to)
    in regards to your little opening bit about the carrington event, their is a good person who you might want to get on the show , his name is ben davidson , the grimerica boys have had him on their show before , but he can go into alot of detail about the carrington event and what caused it , and all the variables ... but he might also be able to shed a little light on why the wires caught on fire in that event but in other events they did not ... ( i would give a link or something to contact him if you wanted to get him on the show or see if its something you would want to but well im a johnson so contacting people is above my paygrade , sorry but heres the contact page for his website
    yes i know the name is very interesting but this guy does very good work when it comes to stuff about the sun )

    oh and before i forget i have a third point to bring up so three : needs MOAR electric universe ... since we cant get enough of electric universe electric boogaloo stuffs ...

    anyway keep up the good works


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