Friday, June 5, 2020

Episode #150: The Arrow of Time

This episode is one of those rambling conversations that is difficult, in retrospect, to give a concise title. We do talk about entropy and the arrow of time, but we also discuss gravity and astrophysics, orbital mechanics, lagrange points and trojan points, geomagnetic anomalies and an "activated" asteroid in a Jovian orbit, the Dead Sea Scrolls and DNA testing, and the Rosetta Stone and a brief history of the attempts to translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

We also read a couple of really great emails, and open three 1up boxes, which takes a long time, and is part of why this show is longer than usual. We probably will have to restrict ourselves to one box per episode in the future.

1up Boxes loot - Beers, books, shirts, notes, and crafts

Enki Kyle, with shamir and portal

Quicksand Russ, with snake, portal, and "light at the end of the tunnel"


  1. Well, I don't know what lagrange points are, so I guess I have to listen to the show now.

    1. Here's some info bud.

  2. Wow, great show! I needed that.

  3. Keep this shit up boys. This podcast is just so badass. The information courses through my veins like snake venom, once it reaches the Brain; the information is so powerful the Brain has to expand by 30% or it starts melting down from shear information overload. Thank you snake bros for the bigger Brain my girlfriend finds it sexy.


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