Thursday, June 18, 2020

Episode #152: Geology and Ancient Ruins with Bob Johnson

This is another special show with a guest who joins us in-studio. Bob Johnson is a geologist, now retired, who spent 35 years traveling extensively in North Africa and the Middle East. He has visited many of the ancient sites we have discussed on our show, and gives us his personal perspectives of the many places he has visited, including the Serapeum, the Giza Plateau, Ba'albek, Petra, Malta, and many more.
We also discuss a very interesting case he worked on as a scientist and geologist, where mysterious, spontaneous fires were plaguing a small village, and the people living there were convinced the fires were being caused by the jinn.

We also talk about the science of geology itself, about uniformity and catastrophism, climate change and ice ages, flood myths and other ancient stories that may be supported by geological data, and much more.


  1. I think it is a great concept to get local people who have been places and done things to talk about the way they saw them. It is totally fresh, they have not been interviewed many times before. Well done all.

  2. What a cool Johnson! Such a wealth of experience as well as being a geologist. Great interview and was so cool that Y'all got him back into thinking about all this stuff, and joining the Snake Force. You've got to get Dr jafar on here!

  3. Geology was interesting but why did he take so many of the arrowheads (9 bags) surely a few nice ones is enough. leave stuff for other people to find.


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