Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Episode #202: The Hidden History of the Human Race - Part 8

Back to our deep dive into The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson for part eight! We continue on from where we were in part seven, looking at the "Java man" discovery of what would later be come known as Homo Erectus, by Eugene Dubois, and the problems and arguments surrounding those finds at the time.
We read about another paleoanthropologist, von Koenigswald, returning to the same site in Java to look for further evidence of this "missing link", and the problems with his methods. There is also an interesting event in which a Jesuit priest, who had been involved in the discovery of Beijing Man and the Piltdown fossils, arrives and helps von Koenigswald get connected with the Carnegie Institute for funding of his work.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 202

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Episode #201: The 200th Episode

This episode is a celebration of 200 episodes of the Brothers of the Serpent podcast. (If you're wondering why we did this on episode 201 instead of 200, it's because the podcast starts with episode 002!)

Using an extensive list of clips from older episodes, all marked and prepared by listeners, we look back at how the podcast has grown and changed, and mostly at how many dumb jokes we've made.

We're joined in studio by Marty, from the UFO episodes, as a representative of the Discord SnakeForce, and they spring a huge surprise on us during the break after the first segment.

It was amazing.

Thanks so much to all of the Snakeforce in the discord for all the support and the huge list of clip suggestions. Thanks to LP for putting all those suggestions together in a spreadsheet. Thanks to Janus for taking our picks and actually extracting all the clips for us. And thanks to everyone who participated in the super-secret channel to put together the amazing super secret secret!!

Hope you all enjoy this, and don't miss out on the special end-of-show mix! See you in the next 200 episodes!

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 201

Friday, June 4, 2021

Episode #200: Trinity, UFOs, and Listener Communications

We take a break from the book report to talk about the ongoing UFO conversation happening in the mainstream right now. Russ gives a synopsis of Jacques Vallee's new book, TRINITY: The Best-Kept Secret, that he co-authored with Paola Harris, about a possible crash in the New Mexico desert several years before the infamous Roswell incident.

We also discuss Vallee's previous works, which Russ has been re-reading, and how utterly strange this phenomena is, and how the current "disclosure", whatever it may end up disclosing, cannot possibly approach the true strangeness, or breadth and scope, of the "UFO" phenomena.

In the final segment we read some Listener Communications.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 200

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Episode #199: The Hidden History of the Human Race - Part 7

 Continuing on in what is becoming one of our most in depth and lengthy book dives, we move forward in The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, finishing up the anomalous human remains section with some extremely anomalous finds, including well-documented and discussed sets of human-like footprint tracks in Carboniferous strata.

We then move on to Part II of the book, which details finds of ancient human remains that are well accepted in the literature and by modern science as part of the human evolutionary story, and all of the interesting and sometimes strange circumstances that surround them.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 199

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Episode #198: The Hidden History of the Human Race - Part 6

Continuing along in our exploration of The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, we finish up the cases of anomalous objects and artifacts found in very ancient contexts, placing them as far back as 2 billion years in the most extreme case, and move on to the section on actual human remains. Most of these are bones in various states of mineralization, all of which were found in strata that makes them anomalously old for hominids with modern morphology.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 198

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Episode #197: The Hidden History of the Human Race - Part 5

We return from our Scablands trip and dive right back into The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson. We finish up the anomalous stone tools section with Sandia Cave in New Mexico and the finds in the Gold Rush mines in California, then move on to even more anomalous finds of advanced quarrying tools, embedded nails and vases, gold chains and chalk spheres, then finish up the show with the infamous Nampa Figurine, found in Idaho.

This show was streamed live to the Discord chat, which we do from time to time. so if you want to be in on that next time, join the discord! You can find a join button on our website.

Thanks to listener Janus from the Discord for this episode's show art!

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 197

Friday, April 30, 2021

Episode #196: The Hidden History of the Human Race - Part 4

As we continue our reading of The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, we look at paleolithic tools, evidence of fire usage including hearths and slag indicative of kilns, and bones of extinct animals with stone tools embedded in them, in geological contexts that place them into extremely ancient times, up to tens of millions of years old.
Artifacts in glacial till in Canada, in pliocene sediments in Argentina, and advanced neolith tools in Hueyatlaco, Mexico, all point to hominids in the Americas for hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of years.
We also look at how the scientific and paleoanthropological establishment has worked to discredit and bury these finds.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 196

Friday, April 23, 2021

Episode #195: The Hidden History of the Human Race - Part 3

Continuing our reading through The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, we look at more examples of ancient stone tools found in very ancient contexts through the late 1800's and into the early 1900's. In Portugal, France, Brazil, Chile, and the U.S., there were discoveries of eolithic and paleolithic tools, that were studied by many scientists and paleontologists of the day, and presented at conferences and scientific congresses for study and debate. Many times the scientists of the time decided the tools were genuine evidence of very early humans, and yet much of this evidence is now completely forgotten and does not appear in modern discussions, scientific literature, or textbooks.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 195

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Episode #194: Ultrasonic Technology with Jeffrey Appling

We are joined by master jeweler Jeffrey Appling to discuss ultrasonic technology in the use of cutting and shaping stone. Jeffrey has been using an ultrasonic drilling and coring machine to cut, drill, and shape even the hardest of stones and jewels with ease. The bit of the machine does not spin, the ultrasonic vibration simply allows the bit to sink into the stone, so it is possible to core out shapes that are more complex than a simple circle, and do it in minutes with relatively little work.

We talk about the machine and how it works, and we talk about the possibility that the ancient Builders may have used something similar to this machine, only probably much larger in many cases, to do some of the astonishing work we see at certain ancient sites.
We also look at some of Jeffrey's jewelry work, and discuss the interesting possibility that an old mission building in California may show signs of containing very old, high tech stonework concealed within rough adobe and cobblestone walls.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 194

Be sure to take a look at Jeffrey's blog and his YouTube Channel to see more of his work, and his research into the possibility of the ancients using ultrasonic technology.

Jeffrey sent us a bunch of images which we discuss on the show. Here they are, more or less in the order we discussed them: