Thursday, December 31, 2020

Episode #180: Listener Communications (and some Dark Matter)

This is our final episode for 2020, and we streamed it live to the Discord, which is always fun. The Watcher was there, plus a lot of the Discord Snakeforce, trolling us non-stop in the chats while we recorded the episode.

We had a lot of listener emails backed up, plus we had a "stack of stuff" that we hadn't yet gotten to on the show, so for this episode we go through all the emails and respond to them, plus we read some articles on possible alien signals being detected, the sun may be actually about to enter into a really powerful new solar cycle rather than a weak one, and a jeweler who uses ultrasonic tools that leave very similar marks on the stones he works, as what is often seen in Egypt, Peru, and other places with mysterious ancient stonework.

In the last segment, Kyle talks about his renewed interest in the "search for dark matter" being undertaken by standard model physicists, what he is learning, what he hopes to learn, and what he thinks so far about what he is discovering. Dark matter, and dark energy, may be part of a resonant effect that permeates the entirety of the observable universe.

See you all in 2021!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Episode #179: George Howard - The Cosmic Tusk in Egypt

George Howard joins us once again on the show, this time to talk about his recent trip to Egypt with Ben from UnchartedX. We talk with George about his impressions of the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley Temple, the Osireion, the Bent Pyramid, the unfinished obelisk, the Temple of Hathor, and of course, the Serapeum and the enigmatic stone boxes inside it. George tells us about the somewhat harrowing experience of descending over a hundred feet into a narrow shaft to see other granite boxes beneath the Giza plateau. We talk about George's overall impressions of the constructions he saw, and about the possibility of some of the objects being "precursor" artifacts, surround by later dynastic constructions.

George has posted about the trip on his excellent blog, The Cosmic Tusk.

He has also posted a collection of over 500 images from the trip.

Aside from the conversation with George, we also open a bunch of 1-up boxes (it was like Christmas in the Tangent Cube), and we read articles about the re-discovered Dixon artifact from the Great Pyramid, papers showing that Issac Newton believed the pyramid contained ancient secrets about the Earth and the apocalypse, and that the modern Venus is like ancient Earth while modern Earth is like ancient Venus.

Also, we got our TeePublic account upgrade, so be sure to visit our TeePublic storefront to get yourself some sweet SnakeBros merchandise!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Episode #178: Tesla, Astrophysics and the Standard Candle

Archer Finley joins us again, this time from afar, for a continued discussion of Tesla's wireless transmission project and to answer questions that episode generated from listeners (and us).
This leads to a discussion of one of Tesla's other projects, "Telegeodynamics", or, the transmission of mechanical energy through the body of the earth....also sometimes referred to as "the earthquake machine".

Then we read an article sent by a listener about a project to understand what kinds of long-term geological signatures might be left on a planet by an advanced civilization, and how we might look for these kinds of signatures in earth's geological history, and how this could help us find signatures of advanced civilizations on distant exoplanets.

This leads into a discussion of the current state of the search for exoplanets, what astronomers are finding, and what this data implies about the actual number of planets out there in the universe.

We also discuss the concept of an astronomical "standard candle", also known as a Type 1a Supernova, the standard model theoretical process by which these events happen, and how modern astrophysicists and cosmologists used them to measure the expansion rate of the universe, which lead to the concept of "dark energy".

We end the show with a special bonus segment where we talk about large resonant systems, and how they tend to want to synchronize the component parts, and how this possibly applies to Velikovsky's ideas.

Also it explains pyramids.

Link to the metronome synchronization video:

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Episode #177: Laird Scranton and the Velikovsky Heresies

This week we are joined again by Laird Scranton to talk about The Velikovsky Heresies, as a follow up to our deep dive on that book.  We talk through many of the questions we developed during the course of the deep dive series, such as the problem of calendar changes and how some cultures made changes to their calendars long after the 7th century BC. We talk about the ancient Chinese and Korean records of astronomical observations that don't seem to match up with current solar system models. We talk about the Dogon and their traditions that correspond to ancient Egypt and their calendars.

We also take some time to ask Laird some questions that listeners posted in the Discord, about a wide range of subjects that leads in many interesting directions.

Thanks to Henry Hablak for the awesome show art!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Episode #176: Nikola Tesla and Wireless Power

Archer Finley joins us in studio once again, this time to give us an electrical engineer's perspective on the topic of Tesla's experiments into wireless power transmission. Archer starts with the basics, interspersing the history of Tesla's work with basic circuit diagrams, and working up to Tesla's actual patents related to the wireless transmission of electricity.

We discuss how the system would work, according to the patents, and whether it could actually be implemented on a global scale. We talk about whether this system involves "free energy" or not, and about why Tesla lost the funding for the project.

Archer did this presentation as a slide show, and the images he used were very helpful in understanding the way the system should work. Be sure to check our youtube channel for this episode, as we did record video for the whole presentation.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Episode #175: Seriah's Mechanism

We are joined this week by Seriah Azkath, from the Where Did the Road Go podcast, to talk about an idea he's been working on for a while now. We discuss poltergeist activity, bigfoot, UFOs, time loops, ghosts, EVP, Point Pleasant and the Mothman, Men in Black, Near Death Experiences, parapsychology and ESP abilities, and retrocausality, and how all of these might in some way be either part of the same phenomena, or be multiple phenomena resulting from the same underlying cause.

A big part of this is Seriah's point that many of these seemingly disparate types of events have similar features;  for example, the kinds of things that people call "poltergeists" when they happen in a house, are attributed to sasquatch when they happen in the wilderness. A glowing light floating around in an abandoned building is a "ghost", while a glowing light in the sky is a "UFO".

Retrocausality is a big part of the function of the Mechanism that Seriah is proposing....that events in the future can have an effect on the present, through the medium of consciousness. We discuss how this has been demonstrated multiple times in different studies, and how this might tie together a lot of incidents that are attributed to different types of experiences.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Episode #174: Bronze Age Atlantis

We are joined once again by Snakeforce member Tony Petrangelo to continue discussing the topic of Plato's Atlantis, and whether this story could have possibly been referring to the time period of the bronze age collapse and the invasion of Egypt by the mysterious "Sea People".

Tony leads us through the complexities of bronze age civilizations in the Mediterranean, looking at clay tablets of letters being written from one king to another describing the state of their kingdoms and the problems they were facing.  We also look at the description of the invasion and defeat of the Sea People in Egypt, how they were described, and what they were called, and where they may have been from.

In the end, what Tony is showing us are the correlations to these events and some of the details given by Plato. He doesn't have a "location" of Atlantis, or an idea of "who" the "Atlanteans" were. Rather, he is looking at the evidence to see if this may have been the time period for the events described by Plato.

Here is a list of the sources Tony used for this episode:


Meet me in Atlantis by Mark Adams

Sunken Kingdom by Peter James

1177 BC by Eric Cline

Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age Mediterranean c.1400 BC–1000 BC by Andrea Salimbeti & Raffaele D’Amato

Seagoing Ships & Seamanship in the Bronze Age Levant by Shelley Wachsmann

Exodus to Arthur by Mike Baillie


Literary History in the Parian Marble by Andrea Rotstein

A Mycenaean Fountain on the Athenian Acropolis by Oscar Broneer

Athens in the Late Bronze Age by Oscar Broneer

Landscape Changes around Tiryns during the Bronze Age by Eberhard Zangger

The Great Karnak Inscription of Merneptah: Grand Strategy in the 13th Century B.C. by Colleen Manassa Darnell

Libyan Trade and Society on the Eve of the Invasions of Egypt by Seth Richardson

The Role of the Lukka People in Late Bronze Age Anatolia by Trevor Bryce

The Ethnicity of the Sea Peoples by Frederik Christiaan Woudhuizen

Connected Histories: the Dynamics of Bronze Age Interaction and Trade 1500–1100 bc by Kristian Kristiansen & Paulina Suchowska-Ducke

New technologies and transformations in the European Bronze Age: the case of Naue II swords by Paulina Suchowska-Ducke

Friday, November 13, 2020

Episode #173: UFOs - Part 3

Marty Garza returns yet again to continue our deep dive into the subject of UFOs. This time we focus specifically on accounts centering around WWII. For the first two segments, Marty recounts many sightings of anomalous objects seen in the sky in the Americas and Europe from the 1930s through the 1950s, especially during the period of the war, and how these objects were reported.

In the second half of the show, we look at the evidence of Nazi secret technologies, what the Axis powers thought of the many anomalous sightings, and what tech the Nazis may have had that could have accounted for(or couldn't account for), the sightings of these objects.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Episode #172: The Velikovsky Heresies - Part 4

This is the final part of our deep dive into Laird Scranton's The Velikovsky Heresies. For this final part we look at more evidence of ancient astronomers apparently seeing Venus in strange places or in ways that do not match current models. We read about Venus' apparently young surface, thin lithosphere that consists of one single "tectonic plate", its active vulcanism, and evidence of upper atmospheric lightning. We read about Venus having a very rare chemical in its atmosphere that is usually only found associated with cometary bodies.

The book wraps up with a concise list of interesting points that seem to indicate that modern scientific discoveries do sometimes support some of Velikovsky's predictions, and whether this means all of his ideas were right or not is still a matter up for debate.

Much thanks to our friends over at Inner Traditions for allowing us to read large excerpts from one of their publications. Make sure to visit their online store and purchase a copy of The Velikovsky Heresies for yourself, or you can get it from Amazon.

Thanks to Henry Hablak for the awesome show art!

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Episode #171: The Velikovsky Heresies - Part 3

After returning from our trip through Arizona and Utah with Randall and Brad, we come back to the Tangent Cube at the end of the week for the next installment of our deep dive into The Velikovsky Heresies by Laird Scranton.

This episode we talk a lot about magnetism, remnant magnetism in lunar rocks, and calendar changes made by multiple ancient civilizations all around the same time. We talk about immense climate changes that accompanied the sudden change from a 360 day calendar year to a 365 day calendar year.

We also read about problems with various types of radioactive decay dating techniques, and how without knowing the exact amount of certain materials that existed in rock at the time of its formation, these techniques cannot give accurate dates, even assuming that the radioactive decay rate is a constant.

Much thanks to our friends over at Inner Traditions for allowing us to read large excerpts from one of their publications. Make sure to visit their online store and purchase a copy of The Velikovsky Heresies for yourself, or you can get it from Amazon.

Thanks to Henry Hablak for the awesome show art!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Episode #170: The Velikovsky Heresies - Part 2

For part two of our deep dive into The Velikovsky Heresies by Laird Scranton, we talk about the mechanics of the solar system, of circular orbits, of retrograde motion. We talk about the "n-body problem" of physics and how the motions of all the bodies in the solar system is, over the long term, an exercise in chaos mathematics.

We read about how Velikovsky was in communication with Einstein before his death, and that Einstein was skeptical at first but was impressed when one of Velikovsky's predictions proved to be accurate. We read about ancient records comparing Venus to comets and supernova that were visible in the daytime, and about the strange properties of the core of Jupiter.

Much thanks to our friends over at Inner Traditions for allowing us to read large excerpts from one of their publications. Make sure to visit their online store and purchase a copy of The Velikovsky Heresies for yourself, or you can get it from Amazon.

Thanks to Henry Hablak for the awesome show art!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Episode #169: The Velikovsky Heresies - Part 1

Kyle was out of town for most of this week so this show was late, but on Friday night we finally managed to get in the Tangent Cube and record it. We're starting a new SnakeBros book report, this one on Laird Scranton's excellent book The Velikovsky Heresies.

On this episode we cover Laird's intro to the book and the first few chapters, discussing the controversy that Velikovsky's work caused, and Laird's purpose in writing the book, which was to see if Velikovsky's ideas hold up to modern science and the enormous amount of new understanding we have gathered about our solar system since the writing Velikovsky's works.

Much thanks to our friends over at Inner Traditions for allowing us to read large excerpts from one of their publications. Make sure to visit their online store and purchase a copy of The Velikovsky Heresies for yourself, or you can get it from Amazon.

Thanks to Henry Hablak for the awesome show art!

Friday, October 2, 2020

Episode #168: Saudi Arabia and the Mountain of Moses

This week we are joined once again by Bob Johnson for the first hour of the show to talk about his experiences in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as a geologist, this time in the context of the subject of the story of Exodus. Bob directed us to watch a short documentary detailing a possible "alternate route" to the legendary Mount Sinai, the Mountain of Moses.

That mountain is commonly thought to be in the Sinai peninsula, but the documentary shows that it may actually be in Saudi Arabia, on the eastern side of the Gulf of Aqaba. There are many features and places besides the mountain itself that seem to match up with the story told in Exodus, lending credence to this possibility.

Bob spent decades working in this area and knows the geology very well, so as we go through the evidence for this alternate possibility, he gives his own thoughts on the pros and cons of the concept.

There is a lot of map work in this part of the show, so we did record some video of Bob pointing to places on the map for the first hour, which you can see if you go to our Youtube channel. Below are links to the documentary itself and a few screenshots of the maps of the area.

Finding the Mountain of Moses documentary

The Red Sea
Gulf of Suez(left) and Gulf of Aqaba(right) on the north end of the Red 

Gulf of Aqaba
Nuweibaa Delta in the Gulf of Aqaba

Straits of Tiran on the southern end of the Gulf of Aqaba

"Split Rock" geological feature in Saudi Arabia

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Episode #167: Plato, Timaeus, and Atlantis

This week we are joined by another SnakeForce guest, Tony Petrangelo. Tony is an active member in the Discord and has been heavily researching Plato, Socrates, the Mediterranean Bronze Age civilizations, and Atlantis.

We asked Tony to come on the show and talk to us about his research and his take on the Timaeus dialogue. He gives an excellent presentation, taking us through select parts of the text, providing context, opinions of academics, Neo-Platonics, and other researchers, along with his own particular take on what Plato may be talking about. This is excellent information for anyone interested in the concept of Atlantis.

See more of Tony's research on Atlantis at his website,

Below are some links Tony sent for anyone wishing to do further research:

Timaeus (Jowett translation)
Critias (Jowett translation)
Timaeus and Critias (Taylor translation)
Plato’s Forms, Pythagorean Mathematics, and Stichometry by JB Kennedy
The Musical Structure of Plato’s Dialogues by JB Kennedy
The Cosmic Serpent by Victor Clube and Bill Napier
Literary History in the Parian Marble by Andrea Rotstein


And of course, check the Library of the Serpent, which is full of relevant material.

Shadows in a Cave

Friday, September 18, 2020

Episode #166: UFOs - Part 2

 Marty Garza returns to the Tangent Cube for a second round of discussion on the topic of UFOs, alien abductions, and the history of this subject in modern times. Last time, we mostly discussed governmental responses to the phenomena. This week, Marty takes us through a few select cases, one of which lead to an extremely widespread and very detailed study of thousands of cases from people all over the world. Marty gives some of the information resulting from this study, and in many cases the information is very different from the picture of the phenomena that has been painted by media, movies, and documentaries.

We end the show with some discussion of the possibility that old Biblical texts may, in some cases, be depicting more of this kind of phenomena as well.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Episode #165: The Giza Template with Ed Nightingale

 This week we are joined by Ed Nightingale to discuss his extensive work on the layout of the Giza monuments. Ed has uncovered a "master plan", a kind of architectural mathematical layout of the Giza plateau that incorporates sacred geometry and encodes precessional numbers and universal constants like pi, phi, and the speed of light.

The concepts themselves are relatively simple geometric processes, but they are difficult to explain using only words, so Ed shows us some slides during the show. These slides will be available in the YouTube version of the show, we encourage you all to watch it!

We will be having Ed on in future shows to get more into the material, as this show was mostly an overview of the process and a quick look at some of the geometry.

Ed's website: The Giza Template

Get Ed's book from Amazon: The Giza Template

Friday, September 4, 2020

Episode #164: Communications Bonusode

This is a special bonus episode (bonusode) for us to catch up on listener emails, news stories, and other things that have been piling up recently. We also streamed the recording of this episode live to the Discord chat, if you missed it, sign up and join so you can be there next time we stream live!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Episode #163: Strange Realities with Conspirinormal

This week we are joined by Adam and Serfiel, hosts of the Conspirinormal podcast, for a long-form round-table discussion of everything from cryptids to conspiracies to the Custodians of the Gods of Eden.

We also take a few minutes in the middle of the show to discuss their upcoming Strange Realities Conference, a digital conference they are hosting at the end of the year with some excellent guests giving talks on fascinating topics.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Episode #162: UFOs - Part 1

With all the UFO stuff in the news recently, we've been thinking we need to do an episode dedicated to the topic. So this week we are joined in-studio by Marty Garza, a former MUFON investigator with decades of interest and research in the subject of UFOs.

We invited Marty to come spend a day with us.  We hung out, drank beers and talked about UFOs. Then we got in the studio and recorded an episode on the subject. Marty brought a stack of books with him and had copious notes, and we could tell half way through recording this episode that it was going to have to be a multi-part deep dive. So there will be future UFO episodes with Marty until we finish going through all of his notes.

This week, the topic mostly centers on the beginning of the "modern" era of UFO sightings starting after WW2, and the government response to the phenomena.

(Marty also happens to be a member of the championship winning monster truck team "Overkill Evolution". Sadly, he did not pull up to the tangent cube in the actual monster truck. Next time, maybe.)

Friday, August 21, 2020

Episode #161: Mysterious Stone Sites with Linda Zimmermann

This week we speak with Linda Zimmermann, author of Mysterious Stone Sites, about the stone effigies, dolmen, balanced rocks, and chambers of the Hudson Valley area. Linda has done extensive research on the archeo-astronomy of the chambers, walls, and other strange stone features found in the northeastern United States, and she shares a wealth of information and experiences with us, detailing her efforts to travel to various sites during solstices and equinoxes to witness for herself the celestial alignments.

At the end of the show she also gives us a quick rundown of the many interesting UFO cases in the Hudson Valley area, and relates one of her own experiences with a strange object in the sky.

Find more about Linda and her extensive work in many areas of mystery at her website.

North Salem Balanced Rock

Glacial Chatter Marks

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Episode #160: Megalithic America with Glenn Kreisberg

We talk with Glenn Kreisberg, author of Spirits in Stone, about the many megaliths, dolmens, standing stones, and stone effigy sites in the northeastern U.S.

Although there are undoubtedly many colonial artifacts like stone piles and stone border walls throughout the northeastern United States, Glenn describes how some of these sites display celestial and internal alignments that make them unlikely to be the constructions of farmers clearing land and marking borders. He also gives several ways of trying to determine if one is looking at a "colonial" construction, or something much more ancient and interesting.

We also briefly discuss some of his work on Malta, and the seemingly anomalous acoustical properties of the Hypogeum.

You can find Glenn's book at the link above, and follow his work at his website,

This episode's show art was made by Henry Hablak. Check out his website and follow him on instagram.

Art by Henry Hablak

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Episode #159: Laird Scranton on Ancient Wisdom

We have an excellent conversation with author Laird Scranton about his research into the wisdom of the ancients; the Dogon, the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Hindu traditions, and more, all seem to contain parts of a precise scientific understanding of the cosmos, life, consciousness, and the nature of matter and energy. Laird describes how many of these ancient traditions express this understanding through the use of symbols that are often the same or very similar even across distant cultures.
We talk about the "civilizer gods", the Apkallu, the Seven Sages, and the Viracochas...all of which may be the result of beings from the "immaterial realm" crossing over during the times when our universe is closest to theirs, in order to teach and establish systems of knowledge that will survive across many thousands of years when the two realms are too "distant" to fully interact.

A very interesting conversation that left us with a lot to ponder.


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Episode #158: Hybridization and Humans

In this final episode of our deep dive into the hybridization and evolution topic, we continue to go through Dr. Eugene McCarthy's material on his website about hybridization and stabilization. After a few final words on the subject of "species", we read about hybridization itself and how common it really is in the wild. We talk about generational hybrids, reciprocal crosses, backcross breeding, extinction and absorption, intermediacy in characteristics, and more.

Near the end of the show we also read some excerpts from the section of the website that discusses the possibility that modern humans are a product of hybridization long ago, and that we all still show the evidence of it in fertility, morphology, and characteristics as well.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Episode #157: Hybridization and Species

Continuing on from last week's discussion, we read and respond to emails about evolution and how people think about it in various ways, with analogies and references to consciousness and a possible spirit realm, or other more mechanistic ways of thinking about it. We talk to the Watcher about genetics and genetic expression in reproduction, and chromosome pairing.

Then we continue to dig through the information on and the work of Dr. Eugene McCarthy, and his Stabilization Theory of evolution. We read about the "fuzzyness" of terms like "species", and how the entire process of the categorization of life is based in an idea of immutability of form, even though that concept has long since been discarded.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Episode #156: Evolution and Hybridization

Prompted by listener emails, we discuss the topic of evolution and our thinking on it, and how our thinking on it has evolved over the years. This leads to some reading from the excellent website of Dr. Eugene McCarthy and his theory of hybridization and stabilization as a better version of the evolutionary theory.

This is a topic with a lot of details, many of which we don't fully understand. We intend to work on it some more and perhaps dive deeper in the next episode.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Episode #155: Skeptiko Swapcast - Bruce Fenton

We once again join Alex Tsakiris from the Skeptiko podcast to talk with author Bruce Fenton about his research that he details in his books, Into Africa and Exogenesis. Alex hosts the swapcast and plays clips from a video he produced with Bruce called 780,000: Our Alien Origin Story(see embedded video below).
In the hour we have with Bruce and Alex we talk briefly about some of the Into Africa material and the evidence for humans in South America in extreme antiquity, then move to the main topic, which is the information in Exogenesis. Following a trail made of dreams, shamanic experiences, and other similar immaterial sources, Bruce uncovers a lot of evidence that a series of extraordinary events took place on earth almost one million years ago, and these events may have shaped both the planet and the human race into what it is today.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Episode #154: Correspondence and Physics

We've gotten way behind on listener emails because of the guests on the last three shows, so after we open some 1up boxes and do the drawing for the SnakeBros Hat prize, we read through a lot of excellent emails that spark conversation on many topics.

In the third segment Kyle reads some articles on recent information about the rings of Saturn, volcanism and extinction events, and how the Mayans didn't predict the end of the world, again.

The final segment goes long as we discuss the problem of time dilation in relativity, and how there might be different and interesting ways to picture that in your mind, and what that might mean for how the electromagnetic spectrum actually interacts with the universe.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Episode #153: The Skeptiko Journey with Alex Tsakiris

The host of the excellent podcast Skeptiko, Alex Tsakiris, joins us for a wide-ranging conversation covering many topics from ancient aliens to the nature of consciousness to conspiracy to the question of evil. Alex has interviewed hundreds of researchers and scientists on his show in his quest to gain a better understanding about who we are and what we are "supposed" to be doing here in this existence, and his show has taken him on a path of "following the data" as much as possible to find answers to these questions, or at the very least, to find better questions to ask.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Episode #152: Geology and Ancient Ruins with Bob Johnson

This is another special show with a guest who joins us in-studio. Bob Johnson is a geologist, now retired, who spent 35 years traveling extensively in North Africa and the Middle East. He has visited many of the ancient sites we have discussed on our show, and gives us his personal perspectives of the many places he has visited, including the Serapeum, the Giza Plateau, Ba'albek, Petra, Malta, and many more.
We also discuss a very interesting case he worked on as a scientist and geologist, where mysterious, spontaneous fires were plaguing a small village, and the people living there were convinced the fires were being caused by the jinn.

We also talk about the science of geology itself, about uniformity and catastrophism, climate change and ice ages, flood myths and other ancient stories that may be supported by geological data, and much more.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Episode #151: David Getzin on Prime Symbol

We are joined in-studio by David Getzin, a longtime friend of the show, many of you may remember us reading his emails about good pipe tobacco and constructing a Djed Drill. He was on a cross-country road trip and stopped by to visit us here on the plateau, and once we started talking about ancient mysteries and other similar snakebro topics, we realized, we had to record a podcast with him. So we all climbed into the tangent cube and, amidst copious clouds of fine tobacco smoke and a few glasses of wine, we recorded this episode.

The discussion ranges across many topics, but the main idea David describes is something called the "Prime Symbol" in architectural expression of cultures and civilizations across the ages, how it changes, and what it means for us now in the modern age. We talk about the categorizations of Prime Symbol in past cultures and what they tell us about how those cultures viewed the world around them, and how that may help us understand how to better express a modern Prime Symbol in our own architecture.

You can follow David and his work through his podcast, A History of Architecture, his YouTube channel Living Process, and his website, Living Process, LLC.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Episode #150: The Arrow of Time

This episode is one of those rambling conversations that is difficult, in retrospect, to give a concise title. We do talk about entropy and the arrow of time, but we also discuss gravity and astrophysics, orbital mechanics, lagrange points and trojan points, geomagnetic anomalies and an "activated" asteroid in a Jovian orbit, the Dead Sea Scrolls and DNA testing, and the Rosetta Stone and a brief history of the attempts to translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

We also read a couple of really great emails, and open three 1up boxes, which takes a long time, and is part of why this show is longer than usual. We probably will have to restrict ourselves to one box per episode in the future.

1up Boxes loot - Beers, books, shirts, notes, and crafts

Enki Kyle, with shamir and portal

Quicksand Russ, with snake, portal, and "light at the end of the tunnel"

Friday, May 29, 2020

Episode #149: The Gods of Eden - Part 7

This is the final part of our deep dive into William Bramley's The Gods of Eden. We pick up where we left off last week with the Count of St. Germain, and his strange ability to travel back and forth between warring aristocracy in Europe and England, the part he played in the coup of Catherine II over Peter III in Russia, and later, the implications that he may have staged his death and lived on, or even the possibility that he was, if not immortal, at least very long-lived.
We also look at Joseph Smith and the formation of the Mormon church, and some of the information said to have been written on the "metal plates" that Joseph was supposedly told to recover from a hidden place, which detail terrible catastrophes that fell on a civilization now lost to history.

Finally, we end with Bramley's message to anyone who wants to carry his research forward, and his outlining of several threads to pull on.

We hope you all enjoyed this deep dive as much as we did!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Episode #148: The Gods of Eden - Part 6

We are back to our regularly scheduled program of our deep dive into William Bramley's The Gods of Eden after last week's break. This week we finish up with the sections on the Plagues and begin moving into more recent history, following the corrupted Brotherhood's machinations as they foment war and strife across Europe. We look at the Protestant rebellion, Calvinism, the Eighty Years War, the strange cult known as the "Friends of God", and Rosicrucianism. We end in the middle of the chapter on the Count of St. Germain, a very strange and mysterious figure from the 1700s.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Episode #147: Splash Chevrons and Effortless Power

Russ is sick this week(not with Covid19, don't worry), so we had to put the Gods of Eden book report on hold because Russ can't read when he's sick. (Well, really, it's just hard to talk so much with a sore throat).

So instead we have Chris Cottrel from The Dabbler's Den on for a segment to talk to us about a new and fascinating idea that he and Antonio Zamora have been working on, related to the Carolina Bays,  called "Splash Chevrons". Chris shows us some of the LiDAR images he has been looking at that show these features(if you want to see the images, you can check our YouTube Channel for the video for this episode, as we did record video during the interview with Chris),  and we talk about what they might be.

We also have on our good friend Brendan Lea, who some of you may know from recent emails to the show about "nothing". We talk with him about his work with world champion martial artist Peter Ralston, but we talk not about "fighting", really, but something much deeper about the nature of reality itself and what that means(or doesn't), because part of the training he has undergone with Peter is about having an "enlightenment" experience of something absolute, and that changed his life and his entire outlook on reality itself.

We hope you enjoy this show, and the book report will resume next week!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Episode #146: The Gods of Eden - Part 5

We continue our reading of William Bramley's The Gods of Eden, following the corrupt Brotherhood and the Custodial machinations to the end of the Crusades. Bramley focuses briefly on the ancient Americas, talking about the Custodial influences there, with the same legends of "gods" from other worlds or the stars. We then go back across the Atlantic and begin looking at the Black Death and the plague years, and the strange sightings in the sky of lights and objects during this period,as well as the unknown cloaked figures reported in the outskirts of towns that later became the popularized image of "Death", holding a scythe.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Episode #145: The Gods of Eden - Part 4

We continue to follow Bramley's "Custodial" powers up through history as the Brotherhood continues to splinter and create warring factions across the globe, keeping humans splintered and scattered and fighting amongst each other while these ancient powers pull strings in the background. We look at the early formation of Christianity and how it changed when governmental powers moved in and absorbed it. We look at the beginnings of the Islamic faith, and the splintering and factioning that happened soon after. We look at the crusades, the Knights of St. John who became the Knights of Malta, and the Templars who became the Knights of Christ and later, the Freemasons. We look at the Assassins, and the powerful tool of the "lone assassin".

We also read a lot of listener communications talking about the previous Gods of Eden episodes, read an article from the Cosmic Tusk about space bacteria, and Kyle reads another great article written by a skerptard on the life and ideas of Dr. Freeman Dyson, which spurs a short conversation on the concept of "macrostructures" like the Dyson Sphere.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Episode #144: The Gods of Eden - Part 3

We pick up where we left off last week with William Bramley's book, The Gods of Eden, following the "corrupted Brotherhood" through history as it spreads across the world, bringing conflict to mankind and obscuring true understanding.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Episode #143: The Gods of Eden - Part 2

We continue our deep dive into William Bramley's book, The Gods of Eden, looking at ancient traditions and accounts of the "gods" that have seemingly ruled mankind since furthest antiquity, and may be the cause of the continuous conflict all over the world, for thousands of years.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Episode #142: The Gods of Eden - Part 1

We begin a new book report into William Bramley's book, The Gods of Eden. In this first part, we go through Bramley's introduction into his reasons for writing the book, what his original research was searching for, and what he actually found. What are the real reasons behind humanity's constant wars? Is there a hidden third faction lurking in the shadows of these conflicts?

Bramley starts at the beginning of recorded history to track down the answers of these questions, starting with the Sumerian civilization.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Episode #141: Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe

We have an excellent and mind-expanding discussion with Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe about panspermia and the cosmic origins of life, and how evidence has been building for decades that space itself may contain a "micro-biome" consisting of vast numbers of single-cell life forms and viruses, and that these are constantly raining down upon the earth, changing and affecting life here on the planet, and possibly contributing to evolutionary changes throughout the history of life on earth.

We also talk about how this cosmic distribution of life in the universe may have caused the sudden onset of plagues and sicknesses throughout history, and that it may be the origin of the current viral crisis the world is facing in the form of COVID19.

We have to give special thanks to George Howard from The Cosmic Tusk blog for helping us set up this fantastic interview with Dr. Chandra. You can find the recent articles George has written regarding Dr. Chandra's work here, and here.

For more information on Dr. Chandra and his enormous body of work, you can go to his website.

Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe

Episode #140: The Serpent Fam

Both of our parents join us in the tangent cube for this episode, to talk about their backgrounds and tell stories of the shenanigans we got up to as kids, and their philosophy of education that had such a huge impact on how we go about life, always trying to learn new things from the natural world around us.

This is a special episode for us, and as so many families around the world are spending a lot more time together right now, we thought it would be fun to have all four of us crammed into the cube for a good old fashioned Allen roundtable. Many listeners are already familiar with the Snake Stache from his previous appearance on episode #84, and this is the first time the Snake Mom has been on the show.

We hope you all enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!

Masked in the Cube with the fam

Optical prism bars

Mom's optical prism bars

Working on the internal welding machine

Pipeline right of way

Side booms

Mom on the job

Mom cleaning Stache's welder

Finished welding hotpass

Fill pass welders

Clay Johnson rustling Venezuela calf

Russ on right, cousin on left