Thursday, July 16, 2020

Episode #156: Evolution and Hybridization

Prompted by listener emails, we discuss the topic of evolution and our thinking on it, and how our thinking on it has evolved over the years. This leads to some reading from the excellent website of Dr. Eugene McCarthy and his theory of hybridization and stabilization as a better version of the evolutionary theory.

This is a topic with a lot of details, many of which we don't fully understand. We intend to work on it some more and perhaps dive deeper in the next episode.


  1. My favorite topic to rant about. No matter how gradualistic people want to be, one day something has to be born with a different number of chromosomes than its parent to get the various counts animals have.

  2. Looking forward to this to listen on my trip to a mesolithic buirial ground tommorow for a solo Mushroom ceremony... Not gona lie My Bros & Sis. Was less than impressed with the last episode. Because someone speaks like Harry Potter doesn't make him have any credulity or influence. Less so to a Northerner like Me with practical experience in the hills of the UK,helping the people on the streets of the UK,reading the Geology of the UK & communing with the Spirits, unlike this dead end Mpm funded gap year student. If you were from the UK you'd realise the extent the stiff upper lip, second only in regards to India in their want to look down and on people . Lol. Having said that love you Guys

  3. I remember when I was super gung ho Like the SnakeBro who sent the email that prompted this episode content. I forgot your name bro...see how less memorable the standard line is? More information demands one to update.

    Speaking of catastrophism, I have been very interested in Catastrophe Theory since, well for fucking ever it seems. I did my 9th grade Science Project on it. It is a mathematical system for modeling rapid change in organic systems, in nature. Check it out, it is my jam.

    Stay hydrated. B


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