Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Episode 063: Pyramids and Aliens

After some excellent Spaceweathernews updates Russ goes through some missing information he missed when discussing missing people in episode 61. This eventually leads to a brief discussion on the topic of alien abductions, implants, and the possible connections to shamanism.

In the second half of the show, we read portions of Graham Hancock's book Underworld, in which he describes the mysterious pyramids dotting the tropical jungles of Maldive islands that are off limits to tourists, and what this might mean regarding possible submerged ruins in and around the Maldives.
This then leads to the topic of rock-cut temples found around the world, and how they are basically impossible to explain as being cut by hand using conventional tools.

Fireball orbits intersecting Earth


Shiva Linga

Konark Temple

Wheels of Konark

Note the incredible detail

The top portion has no detail. Note the sharp horizontal line across the wheel where the detail stops
The Maldives

Maldive Islands and atolls

A Google Earth view of the Maldives 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Episode #062: Hunting and Arrowhead Digging Guide - Clint Beckham

In this episode we have Clint Beckham in the 10x10x10 Tangent Cube of Science with us to discuss all things arrowheads and hunting and how to survive out in the desert with nothing but a goat skin and a single straw.
Clint does paid digs and hunts all over Texas and elsewhere and has been doing these things most of his life, so he has a lot of knowledge and experience and some fantastic stories to tell.

Anyone interested in going on one of Clint's hunts or digs, or if you're a land owner and are interested in having Clint run hunts or digs on your property, you can reach him at the following contacts:


(830) 313-2648

Aoudad Adventures and More





Cumberland Points


Hinge on a point

Petrified Wood Point

Petrified Wood Point



Pedernales Points

First Stage Pedernales

Atlatl Buttflap

Eccentric Montell

Eccentric Castroville

Cody Tripp Eccentric Andice

Eccentric Andice

Mayan Eccentric

Corner Tang

Corner Tang

"Charm" (Or Plumbob)


"Charm" Types

Waco Sinker

Waco Sinker

Waco Sinkers

Atlatl Weight (Bannerstone)

Atlatl Weights

Base Tang

Base Tang

Mid-Back Tang

Grooved Axes

Andice (Rocket)

Broken Andice

St. Mary's Hall, from the Sandpit


Plainview Points

Possible Axe, found by our friend



Modern Knapped Folsom-style point, with flute flake

Standard Model Point Timeline

Kerville Knife (KK)

Mesoamerican Eccentric (This is a replica)

Kyle working a screen at Mason Creek 4 Paid Dig