Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Episode #083: Surfing Spacetime

After the customary SpaceWeatherNews update, we read the story of the three year old boy who was lost in the woods for 48 hours and, when he was found, said he "hung out with a bear". People seem to think he was actually hanging out with sasquatch. So we get our resident three year old to look at a picture of sasquatch, and he says "Inuno its a gorilla" so, he, at least, would not have called sasquatch a bear.

The rest of the show is about spacetime gravity waves, time dilation, red shift, relativity, string theory, and other similarly simple cosmological concepts.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Episode #082: The Rabbithole Rabbithole

In this episode we try to give an overview of the topic of ancient mysteries and why we explore alternative views of ancient history. We try to cover as much ground as possible with as broad a brush as possible. For long term listeners or people who are already versed in this subject, this show gives a good outline of our current thinking. For those who are new to the topic, we hope this will initiate you into this most fascinating of subjects.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Episode 081: Malta

We take some time in the beginning of this episode to give a shout out and a farewell to a friend of ours who passed away recently. He was a great friend and a SnakeBro. Rest in peace, brother.

After a spaceweathernews update and some other interesting and funny headlines and stories, we move to our main topic for this show, which is the island of Malta and its mysterious and incredibly ancient megalithic structures and subsurface hypogea, the anomalous skeletons and skulls found there, the "Venus Statues" found in some of the above ground structures, and the fact that no one really knows who made these places, why they seemed to appear suddenly out of nowhere, and vanish just as quickly.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Episode #080: Impossiblocks

GMA of LateNite fame joins us in the Tangent Cube for the 2019 inaugural episode, bringing his engineering expertise to the subject of impossiblocks, and also recounts a snake expedition he took into the mountainous wilderness of New York State to look for an ancient serpent effigy aligned to the constellation of Draco. 

LOTS of pics for this show! Click to enlarge, as always:
Aurora Borealis by Alexander Kuznetsov via

"Serpent Effigy" boulders and dry-laid walls on Overlook Mountain, NY





Museum of the American Indian. Obsidian Mirror is the black circle on the upper right

Demonstrating the reflectivity of the mirror
Granite-carved object, said to be a "yoke" of some kind

Note the difference in quality between the sculpture and the "yoke"
'Em'r ducks
From Lovelock Cave

Overhead map of the Serapeum, with Serapeum Box locations marked and numbered

Serapeum Entrance

One of the Serapeum boxes

Serapeum box with "relative size people"

Rough hewn box still in the tunnel. Not much room to get hundreds of slaves and ropes around that thing

Christopher Dunn, measuring precision inside one of the boxes

Precision between box and lid

The infamous "Core #7", note the feed rate lines circling the core

Feed rate lines inside a core bore

Another core bore with visible feed marks

Zoom in on this image to see the incredibly thin core drill width that is being pointed out

More evidence of advanced Computer Numerical Control(CNC) machining on Giza

...and still more evidence

"Ramses II"(if that's who this really is) colossal statue facial symmetry

Facial symmetry evidence of tool diameter symmetry

Tool diameter symmetry in the z axis

Giza plateau basalt sheathing slabs

Flat basalt slabs cut to fit eroded limestone below

Basalt sheathing

Ba'albek Trilithon - The three blocks marked in red. Note relative size people on the ground below

Ba'albek Trilithon - the weights listed are way on the low end of possibility. These blocks are probably closer to 1100-1200 tons

More impossiblocks at Ba'albek

"Stone of the Pregnant Woman" in the Ba'albek quarry, 1 kilometer from the site. Until recently was the largest known cut stone ever made

Stone of the Pregnant Woman, relative size people

Another perspective on the Stone of the Pregnant Woman

The EVEN LARGER blocks found below the Stone of the Pregnant Woman

Another enormous cut stone, partway between the quarry and the site

Someone was MOVING this block through the mountains, when they suddenly dropped it, left, and never returned. It has not moved since