Thursday, September 22, 2022

Episode #260: UFOs Part 10 - "The Spookiest Story Never Told"

The long-awaited part 10 of our UFO series with Marty Garza is actually the first in a subseries of episodes exploring more of the topic of what kinds of "technologies" have been gleaned from interactions with the phenomena of UFOs and otherworldly entities. How much does this topic really overlap with the occult? With ancient myths of gods, demi gods, "demons", "angels", and "ancestor spirits"?

This episode we start with strange psychological effects of polar exploration, take a look at large studies of strange and "paranormal" occurrences by Russian and German scientists in the era leading up to the world wars, and how these studies seem to have affected the course of history moving forward.

More on this subject to come in future UFO episodes!


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The Grimerica Show (thanks guys!)

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Episode #259: The Path of the Pole - Part 2

Part 2 of our deep dive into Charles Hapgood's book, The Path of the Pole. This week we cover more of Charles' ideas on how the crust may have moved catastrophically, as well as the possible evidence for drastically different arrangements of continents in the distant past, such as evidence for large glacial masses in what are now tropical areas in India and Africa.


Get the book here:


Executive Producer:
Michael Hale

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Episode #258: The Path of the Pole - Part 1

After our interview with Maartin from MarioBuildreps about ancient sites possibly being aligned to previous north pole positions on the earth, we decided we should take a deep dive into Charles Hapgood's book, The Path of the Pole, and look at historical research into this topic.
The second edition of this book, published in the 1970s, is over 50 years old at this point, and is a revised edition of the 1958 printing of the original work, Earth's Shifting Crust.  It's certain that geophysical science has progressed since then, but it is still worth looking at the state of the art at the time.


Get the book here:

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Episode #257: Hugh Newman - Karahan Tepe

Hugh Newman from  @MegalithomaniaUK  joins us to discuss the very ancient and mysterious site of Karahan Tepe in Turkey, a site very similar to the nearby and much more well-known Gobekli Tepe. Hugh has visited the site several times and spent time exploring the area both before and after excavations began. He brings his first hand experience of the site to us in this interview with a fascinating series of images and insights.

You can find more of Hugh's work and information about his tours and other projects using the links below:

Here is a link to the video we mentioned during the interview:


In the second half of the show, we read some articles on physics and cold fusion. 


Executive Producer: Anne who Knits

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Episode #256: The Narrative of Myth

Conversation on the main topic starts in the second half of the episode.

It's the end of August, and for us, it is the harvest season. We discuss this year's harvest of the grapes and the beginnings of this season's winemaking. Kyle reads a few news stories and we discuss those, then in the second segment Russ reads a long story from the Mysterious Universe website about four cases of strange mass animal deaths.

In the second half of the show, Kyle talks about the "philosophy of narrative", how common stories have a powerful influence on people and culture. How much have ancient mythologies influenced us? We also talk about the ability to focus on one thing versus the need to pay attention to the big picture, and how to balance these two ways of looking at the world, and how that connects to ancient mysteries, structures, and mythology.


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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Episode #255: Listener Communications

We invited Laura to join us on this episode of listener communications, where we catch up on news stories and listener emails. There is some physics and cosmology discussion at the beginning after Kyle reads some science articles, then we dive into the emails on all manner of topics: the moon and the Younger Dryas, the Mississippi Mounds, ancient tech and tools, skeptics and the standard model.


Thanks to the following Producers of episode 255!

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Greg Kaighin

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Antonio Kasljevic

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Episode #254: Mario Buildreps - Ancient Alignments & Crustal Displacement

Is it possible that human civilization is much older than we've been taught? Maarten from Mario Buildreps has put together an enormous body of research that implies humans have been constructing complex structures going back hundreds of thousands of years, through multiple catastrophic periods of crustal displacement.

Mario Buildreps website:

Mario Buildreps YouTube channel:



Thursday, August 4, 2022

Episode #253: Swapcast with Where Did the Road Go

Saved by the swapcast! This was originally scheduled as a guest appearance on the excellent Where Did the Road Go podcast with Seriah, but our plans for our regular episode this week fell through, so Seriah kindly allowed us to use this episode as a swapcast. We discuss Charles Fort and the Book of the Damned, Feynman, cosmology, physics, electric universe, cryptids, UFOs, and the limits of human knowledge, as well as reading a few news stories and discussing those.


Find Where Did the Road Go here:

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Episode #252: The Character of Physical Law - Seeking New Laws

In this final episode of our book report on The Character of Physical Law, we go through Dr. Feynman's final lecture, Seeking New Laws, in which he describes how science works, and the methods physicists must use to attempt to discover new fundamental aspects of the natural world.

See the full set of lectures here:

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Episode #251: The Character of Physical Law - Entropy and Uncertainty

Continuing our book report on The Character of Physical Law, we read through the 5th and 6th lectures, The Distinction of Past and Future and Probability and Uncertainty. These are discussions on entropy and quantum mechanics, done in Dr. Feynman's unique style.


See the full set of lectures here:

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Here's the black hole video Kyle mentions:

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Episode #250: The Character of Physical Law - Conservation & Symmetry

We finish the chapter on The Great Conservation Principles, and move on to Symmetry in Physical Law. We understand what it means for an object to have symmetry, but what about a mathematical expression of a physical law?
This chapter is full of interesting concepts, delivered in Feynman's unique style as always. We discuss relativity, lightspeed, gravitational lensing, angular momentum, and how to tell an alien the difference between "right" and "left".


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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Episode #249: The Character of Physical Law - Mathematics & Physics

We dive back in to The Character of Physical Law by Richard Feynman, again using short clips pulled from the lectures themselves and reading excerpts from the book.  This episode we focus mostly on the second lecture, "The Relation of Mathematics to Physics", where Feynman talks about how Nature seems to follow sets of mathematical rules, and how those mathematics might be related--at least in some cases--to large numbers of simple processes in the physical universe.

Near the end of the episode we start on the third lecture, "The Great Conservation Principles", discussing the various "conservation" laws in physics such as the conservation of charge, the conservation of energy, etc.

At the beginning of the episode we also take a quick look at the working relationship between Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler, their backgrounds, and the standard history of their story.

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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Episode #248: Listener Communications

Having just returned from the Montana megafloods trip with Randall Carlson and crew, we aren't ready to continue the Character of Physical Law series yet, but we did have a backlog of emails we needed to get to, so we dedicate yet another episode to reading and responding to a series of fantastic and sometimes hilarious communications from listeners.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Special Episode: The 3 Ingredients of Rock & Roll

For this special episode we have most of the members of Kyle's band Fifty Dollar Dynasty in studio with us for a long-form conversation about making music, writing songs, and specifically, making the new Precession album. Through clouds of smoke and many beers we joke and laugh and poke fun at each other while also giving our history of making music and this album.

This episode is scheduled to drop the day of the public release of Precession, so go check it out at the FDD website:

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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Episode #247: The Character of Physical Law - Gravitation

We tackle the first in the series of seven lectures by theoretical physicist Dr. Richard Feynman titled "The Character of Physical Law", this first lecture being on the Law of Gravitation, the history of its discovery, and its wider application in the methods of science and the further discoveries of physics. Copernicus, Tycho, Kepler, Newton, and Einstein are among the giants on whose shoulders modern physics stands.


Get the book from Amazon:

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Below are some of the images we were looking at of Tycho's planetary observation tools.

Tycho's Planetary Observatory



Thursday, June 2, 2022

Episode #246: Brandon Powell - Breath, Power, Shamanism

Brandon is a Jujitsu instructor and teaches the Wim Hof Method. He has joined us on many of our Contact at the Cabin events, running breathwork sessions and ice bath instruction for attendees.

Brandon was in our area to teach some classes over the weekend so we invited him out to the Tangent Cube for some podcasting.  We talk about Jujitsu, Wim Hof, shamanism, the power of the breath, and general life hacking for physical and spiritual improvement.

Find Brandon on Instagram:

Brandon's website:


Much of the music in this episode is Brandon's work. The track in the last break can be found here:


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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Episode #245: Listener Communications

We have a lot of your emails to catch up on, but first we give a big Rock n' Roll update - Kyle's band Fifty Dollar Dynasty is releasing their new album, "Precession", on June 21st, the summer solstice!
You can check their website for the countdown, and also join their new Patreon if you want access to an early digital release. Support the band and get cool behind-the-scenes content as FDD adds them to their Patreon feed.

Our SpaceWeather News section also goes a bit further this week, discussing the upcoming possible contact of earth with the fragment stream of comet Schwassmann-Wachmann at the end of this month. It might be the end of civilization as we know it, or simply a spectacular meteor shower, or maybe nothing at all.

After all that, we tackle your emails, of which there are many and they are all excellent. We have the best listeners. Thank you all!

Executive Producers:
Philip Baklamov
Matt Shy
Peter Shell
Zachariah Baker
Frank M.

Associate Executive Producer:
Daniel Gandy

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Episode #244: "Builders of the Ancient Mysteries" with Jahannah James

Jahannah recently got involved with the team from the "Builders of the Ancient Mysteries" documentary to help them with the English narration, and she's become fascinated by the mystery of the  amazing rock-cut chambers in India called the "Barabar Caves".
These chambers are explored in the documentary itself, along with many other megalithic mysteries of the ancient world, and the BAM team is working on a new documentary that focuses on the Barabar Caves.

Jahannah joins us to talk about her work with the BAM team, her fascination with the Barabar Caves, and possible upcoming trips to visit these enigmatic chambers.

There is video for this episode! Check it out on our YouTube channel:


Visit the BAM website to see the new version of the documentary with Jahannah's narration:

Visit Jahannah's YouTube Channel:

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Episode #243: Unfinished

We explore over 180 images we took on our recent trip to Egypt, discussing the megalithic stonework of Menkaure at Giza, the Osireion of Abydos, the quarry at Aswan with the Unfinished Obelisk, and the Serapeum of Saqqara. At these sites, there is evidence of anomalous, unknown techniques of stoneworking, evidence of multiple stages of construction with vast amounts of time between them, and evidence that the people doing the work seem to have just vanished in the middle of the job, never to return.

Shout out to Ben from UnchartedX for some of the images from Peru that we show near the end of the presentation.

This is a video presentation, so it is probably better watched than listened to. Below is the link to the video on our YouTube channel:

Executive Producers:
Philip Baklamov
Matt Shy
Peter Shell
Zachariah Baker
Frank M.

Associate Executive Producers:
Daniel Gandy
Dave Cortes
Patrick Hicks

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Episode #242: Mysteries of the Ancient Builders

Ben from UnchartedX joins us this week for a long-form discussion on the technical aspects of some of the anomalous ancient megalithic stonework we see around the world. Are these sites connected stylistically? Do the precision, difficulty, and advanced engineering evident in many of these sites indicate the presence of a lost precursor civilization in deep history?
We tackle these questions and many more in this episode.

This episode was also broadcast live to our Discord Server, which we do from time to time. If you want to join in on the fun of the live broadcasts with fellow Snakes, join the server by clicking the "connect" button on the widget at our website, linked below:

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Episode #241: Younger Dryas Impact - The Evidence

George Howard, member of the Comet Research Group and owner/operator of the excellent Cosmic Tusk website, joins us this week to deliver a presentation he gave at the recent WorldViewzMedia conference in Sedona.
In this presentation, George lays out the evidence for the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis as an explanation for the massive changes that took place on Earth at the onset of the Younger Dryas period, just before the beginning of the Holocene.

Many of you will be familiar with much of this information, but there's always something new to learn about this fascinating period in Earth history, and George delivers the information with style, as always.

Visit George's website here:

Visit the Comet Research Group website here to support this work:

See the removed NOVA documentary here:

There is video for this episode, so you can watch it on our YouTube channel, or just use the embedded video below.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Episode #240: Listener Communications

We're back from the conference in Sedona and ready to dive into listener emails and some long-form rambling discussions, SnakeBros style. Laura also joins us in the Tangent cube for this episode.

We read some great emails of experiences and encounters, questions about UFOs and spirituality, travelling the world on foot looking at ancient sites, and a visit to one of the Smithsonian's "storage" buildings.


Executive Producers:
.-/  "Period Dash Slash"


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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Episode #239: The Book of the Damned - Part 9

In the final installment of our deep dive into Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned, we read about strange enormous revolving wheels of light in the ocean, of mysterious shadows cast in storm clouds, objects that seem to transit the sun or moon in the sky, and luminous objects that sound very much like sightings of UFOs.

Join us on our first SnakeBros Meetup! A weekend on the river in Texas for some BBQ and kayaking and talking about pyramids:

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Executive Producer:
Greg Kaighin

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Episode #238: UFOs Part 9 - Revelations

Marty Garza returns to the Tangent Cube with more of his in-depth writings on the subject of UFOs, aliens, spirits, "demons and angels", and how encounters with these things seem to merge at the edges.

This episode we dive into the subject of channeling, automatic writing, messages from beings claiming to be from space, and the formation of UFO cults with "apocalyptic" prophecies...all of which seem very similar to the formations of much more ancient religions with similar beginnings and similar prophecies of the end of the world.


Artwork for this episode is Procedural Magic Circle by artist Yuanlong Dai.


If you're interested in joining us for the inaugural SnakeBros Meetup, check our website for details and send us an email! Hope to see you there.


To get the info for the Telegram Group or phone number for messages to the podcast, you'll have to join the discord chat!

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Episode #237: The Book of the Damned - Part 8

We read about strange objects seen in transit of both the moon and the sun by astronomers, of earthquakes and anomalous darkness and strange storms and lights in the sky and falls of sand, fish, and leaves. Unpredicted eclipses and shadows on the moon and sun.

Thanks very much to Christopher Catalogna for the artwork for this episode! Go to to see more of his work.


Get The Book of the Damned on Audible, by our friends over at AdultBrain Publishing and the Grimerica Show:

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Executive Producers:
Peter Shell
Zachariah Baker
Frank M.

Associate Executive Producers:
Daniel Gandy
Dave Cortes
Patrick Hicks

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Episode #236: The Book of the Damned - Part 7

We apologize for the delay on this episode!

This week we dive back into Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned, and we are joined in-studio by our friend and frequent podcast guest, Archer Finley, AKA "GMA". We discuss high-atmosphere ice formation, falls of rocks and pebbles, falls of giant blocks of ice, giant strange objects transiting the sun visible in astronomers' telescopes, and the possibility of transient intra-mercurial worlds.

Also, happy birthday to listener Yoni!!


Get The Book of the Damned Audible version from  our friends over at Grimerica and AdultBrain Publishing:

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Executive Producer:
Jeff Saucerman

Associate Executive Producer:
Judy Schwartz

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Episode #235: Mysterious Metrology

We tackle a long and detailed article from about a possible discovery of a new standard of measure that appears to have been used in many ways across multiple civilizations and structures going back 7,000 years. We're taking a break from the book report this week, as Russ is gone to help with Randall's Middle Cumberland tour at the last minute, so we pre-recorded this episode before he left.

Link to the article on Ancient Origins:


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Episode #234: The Book of the Damned - Part 6

Out of place artifacts, objects embedded in stone and coal, giants, and "little people" are some of the accounts and topics we tackle in part 6 of our deep dive into Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned.


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Douglas Chick
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Frank M.


Associate Executive Producers:

Gregg Taylor
Daniel Gandy
Dave Cortes
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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Episode #233: The Book of the Damned - Part 5

Thunderstones, lightning strikes, bronze axes, and other artifacts fall from the skies during storms in this episode of our deep dive into Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned.

We're also joined in the first segment by Chris Cottrell of the Dabbler's Den to discuss new information on the possible age of the formations known as the Carolina Bays. Chris presents compelling new data that implies the Bays are hundreds of thousands of years old, and thus have nothing to do with the much more recent Younger Dryas period.

See the link below for the images Chris showed us during the discussion.



Get an audiobook version of The Book of the Damned here, from our friends over at Grimerica and AdultBrain Publishing:


Get a digital or physical copy of The Book of the Damned here:

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Episode #232: The Book of the Damned - Part 4

We tackle rains and snows of coal, grains, frogs, "fishes", and SNAKES in this episode, Part 4 of our deep dive into Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned. Can "whirlwinds" account for all this biological material falling to earth? Can storms keep fish up in the skies long enough for them to begin to rot? Maybe. Or maybe something much more bizarre is happening in these instances of the damned.


Get the Audible version of The Book of the Damned, narrated by our friends at The Grimerica Show, here:


Get the book itself, or the digital version, here:


Associate Executive Producer:

Edward Goy

Friday, February 18, 2022

Episode #231: The Book of the Damned - Part 3

Fibers, cobwebs, cereals, manna, worms, and phosphorescent jelly rains out of the skies in this week's continued exploration into Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned.

We also talk about Russ' most recent excursion with the Contact at the Cabin crew, and his trip to Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.


We also want to thank Todd, Jeremy, and the crew at Rock the USA for the amazing engraved Brothers of the Serpent megalithic monolith. It's so awesome, we used it as this episode's show art.

We expect it will be puzzling archaeologists and delighting students of the strange 10,000 years from now.


You can get The Book of the Damned from Amazon here:
Audible version by Grimerica:
Learn more about our Egypt 2022 Tour with UnchartedX and Grimerica:


Executive Producers:
Shawn Havasi
Anne who Knits

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Episode #230: The Book of the Damned - Part 2

We continue our exploration of the strange and weird in Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned, reading about more strange falls of red rains, yellow rains, organic material, dried fish, and "beef flakes".


You can get The Book of the Damned from Amazon here:
Audible version by Grimerica:
Learn more about our Egypt 2022 Tour with UnchartedX and Grimerica:


Thursday, January 27, 2022

Episode #229: The Book of the Damned - Part 1

Time for a book report.

We've been wanting to do Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned for a while now, as in many ways it is the foundation of much of modern investigations into the strange, weird, and wonderful. As always, we begin by reading through the various intros and forwards to the book. There is an introduction by Jim Steinmeyer, which gives us some insight into Fort himself and his life. Then there is Fort's own introduction to The Book of the Damned, which gives us some insight into his goals and some of his thinking regarding the subjects of the book. It also gives us an introduction into Fort's unique style of writing.
After these two intros, we begin tackling the main subjects, starting with strange atmospheric effects, colored hail, and weird rain.

You can get The Book of the Damned from Amazon here:

Audible version by Grimerica:

Thanks to listener and supporter AJ Schlechten for the 1up box of art, find his work at his website,, and on Instagram, @ajschlechten

Friday, January 21, 2022

Episode #228: Exploring Ancient Montana

This week we welcome another listener and long time supporter of the show on as a guest to talk about his explorations of the area in which he lives. Brandon Ricks, AKA "HistoryShift", who has been making our YouTube videos for years, has immersed himself in the exploration of the public wilderness areas near his home in Montana, where there are many fascinating geological formations, some of which are so strange that it raises the question of possible human construction or at least modification.

We did record video for this episode, so if you want to see the many photos and videos Brandon showed us of his discoveries, look for the YouTube video, which will be up as soon as Brandon finishes it.

You can also see many more images and videos at Brandon's website, and you can even get google earth coordinates and maps, if you're interested in hiking out to see these formations yourself.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Episode #227: Mysterious Stone Structures of Vermont

Listener Josh Smart joins us to discuss and show his field explorations of the numerous old stone walls, chambers, and possible effigies that dot the landscape of Vermont. Listeners may recall that we have been to Vermont many times due to having family up there, and the last few times we have been, we have taken a day or two to drive around and look for these structures ourselves, including visiting an area known as the "Smith Farm" which has many of these strange and beautiful stone mounds and walls.
Josh, being a native to Vermont, has developed a system for finding these structures and has hiked out to see them and take pictures. He shares his photos and thoughts with us on this episode, explaining what he has found and the questions he has been unable to get answers for, despite consulting local authorities, libraries, and historical societies.

We did record video for this episode, so look for it on our YouTube channel if you want to see Josh's photos.

The "Line Dragon" in the Azores:

"Hidden Vermont" Smith Farm site:

Associate Executive Producers:

Antonio Kasljevic

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Episode #226: The New Year, Emails, and Petrie

 Yet another three hour show(this is a habit we're going to have to break), where we catch up on listener emails for the first half of the show, then tackle the remaining sections of "The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh" that Kyle picked out.

Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie lays out his relatively "standard model" perspective of how the pyramids may have been built, logistically speaking, using a core of year-round specialists, and an annual influx of unskilled labor from the general population during the Nile Flooding period. We find his reasoning....well...reasonable....and he also stands out from the standard model in two important respects: he believes the pyramid builders had access to iron and bronze, and that they had mechanically-assisted cutting tools with "jeweled tips" to help them in sawing and drilling of hard stone.

He also gives some fascinating observations on the measurement details of the Great Pyramid, the use of Pi, and the many interesting mathematical "coincidences" of geometrical "harmony" contained in the layout of the structure.