Thursday, June 9, 2022

Episode #247: The Character of Physical Law - Gravitation

We tackle the first in the series of seven lectures by theoretical physicist Dr. Richard Feynman titled "The Character of Physical Law", this first lecture being on the Law of Gravitation, the history of its discovery, and its wider application in the methods of science and the further discoveries of physics. Copernicus, Tycho, Kepler, Newton, and Einstein are among the giants on whose shoulders modern physics stands.


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Below are some of the images we were looking at of Tycho's planetary observation tools.

Tycho's Planetary Observatory




  1. I understood none of this. I get zero percent brain expansion for this episode. I'm too dumb.

  2. This is GOOD STUFF. I recall a college professor teaching the Tycho Brahe stuff. First, it IS pronounced Tieco. Not Teako. Second, if memory serves, Tycho and Kepler were friends and it was understood that the observations Tycho was recording would take a long, long, time and that Kepler, who was younger, would be the one to take the observations and make some mathematical sense and create a "model" of the motions of the planets, sun, etc.
    Man, keep this going. This is really good stuff for us guys who shirked math in school only to find math is everything when it comes to science.

  3. Referring to Kyle's reading about the Lidar discoveries and Russ about Amazon explorer finding cities.


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