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  1. Relistening to episode 131 I would love to hear more of Edward Casey's readings on the show.

  2. Hey guys. Not sure I'm doing this right. Not to good with online stuff. I wanted to ask about your knowledge of Matt lacroix he is big into the sumerians. Someone else asked you about this guy on your podcast and you didnt respond.he seems to have quite a bit of knowledge about the cuneiform tablets as well as other ancient stuff. Just wondering if he is a little to speculative on these topics.im a bit of a novice sometimes it's hard to tell.

  3. Hello snakes. I have a question for those who have ordered a Brothers of the Serpent t-shirt. How was the quality? I was about to order one but saw some reviews about Teepublic that were very concerning.

  4. Love your podcast. Wanna join discord but am happily ignorant of technology. I have the discord app on my phone but that's it. If anyone can help please do. From the serpent dreaming. Greetings from Ipswich Queensland Australia. SNAKES!!!

    1. Just click the connect button on the discord widget above :)


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