Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Episode #008: The Ordinary Extraordinary, Lucid Dreaming, Easter Island

First up in this episode are excerpts from another Fortean Times article, this one details a whole list of event types that most people consider to be extraordinary, but in fact these happen nearly every day.
After that we touch on the topic of the Information Universe, then slide seamlessly into a discussion on dreams, where we ponder the question of why we can't use our smartphones in our dreams so we can Google how to do stuff like lucid dreaming, because for some reason the dream realm does not seem to have things like smartphones and computers. Sleep paralysis also comes up. Finally, we completely fail to bring closure to any of those topics by spending the last segment talking about Easter Island.

Episode #007: Metal Books, Mormons, and Mars

We have our first guest on the show, Ethan Hack, who sat in the studio with us and argued with everything we said and basically told us we're dumb. Generally this is an assessment we agree with, but we proved him wrong anyway, just to be nice. Other than that, we discuss an interesting document from the official CIA website, a whole list of odd events from the last hundred years taken from an article posted in the Fortean Times, stopping lasers with your mind, and how to become the Most Badass Martial Artist Ever.
Also, Mormons and metal books and truths hidden in lies.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Episode #006: Books of Gold & OOPArts

In this episode we discuss the origin of the name of the podcast and how we both became interested in these topics. Then we talk ancient lost cities, Mormons, Nephas and Babel. Also, we take our very first caller/complaint who calls to bitch about Kyle not knowing who wrote Star Wars. We end the show with some more accounts of out of place artifacts and places allegedly found within the United States.