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  1. Hope this comment finds you well...
    Just finished podcast #42.
    The Costa Rica spheres reminded me of this AWESOME old German dude - Heinz Schubert Pfronten. Please check out this fabulous video. The entire technique blows my mind, but the second half seems sooo ancient....

    Also, the crystal cube bowel thingies sure remind of the base stone mentioned by the Swedish engineer in "The Lost Technique" of stone levitation.

    Anyway, keep it up guys...
    Many thanks for the thought provoking content and light hearted style.


  2. I sent you guys an email. Im new. I am listening to the Pueblo episode now. OMG I just drove past the echo chamber feature yesterday. Just wanted to say. I am from Taos. Best!

  3. Holy sacred cow! You guys are so fucking funny. I loved the one minute synopsis of the Randal interview!


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