Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Episode #061: Coral Castle, Voynich Manuscript, Mass Disappearances

After an awesome new SUNPROBE update and a few other interesting news items, we dive into the mystery of Edward Leedskalnin and his megalithic Coral Castle, the enigmatic Voynich Manuscript, and multiple cases of mass disappearances that have occurred throughout history. We also take some time to discuss the new emerging physics of Quantum Field Theory.

Coral Castle
Sculpture garden at Coral Castle

The Tower at Coral Castle

Coral Castle Spiral Well
Voynich Manuscript

Strange Flora of the Voynich Manuscript

"Magic Circles" of the Voynich Manuscript

Astrological Circles of the Voynich Manuscript

Naked Ladies in weird tubes. Note the calligraphic nature of the script

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