Thursday, July 2, 2020

Episode #154: Correspondence and Physics

We've gotten way behind on listener emails because of the guests on the last three shows, so after we open some 1up boxes and do the drawing for the SnakeBros Hat prize, we read through a lot of excellent emails that spark conversation on many topics.

In the third segment Kyle reads some articles on recent information about the rings of Saturn, volcanism and extinction events, and how the Mayans didn't predict the end of the world, again.

The final segment goes long as we discuss the problem of time dilation in relativity, and how there might be different and interesting ways to picture that in your mind, and what that might mean for how the electromagnetic spectrum actually interacts with the universe.


  1. No complaints from me about non-pyramid shows, I enjoy the variety.

  2. You lost me at Space Weather News! Great show...

  3. Hey Snakes, thanks for reading my email. Loved the Antarctica episode, Hitler was huge into ancient cultures ( I believe one of you mentioned that in break away Civ episode)and believed mankind's ultimate goal was to the stars, to bad he was a psychopath.

  4. Well I felt completely retarded during that last segment, still enjoyed it though.


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