Thursday, June 11, 2020

Episode #151: David Getzin on Prime Symbol

We are joined in-studio by David Getzin, a longtime friend of the show, many of you may remember us reading his emails about good pipe tobacco and constructing a Djed Drill. He was on a cross-country road trip and stopped by to visit us here on the plateau, and once we started talking about ancient mysteries and other similar snakebro topics, we realized, we had to record a podcast with him. So we all climbed into the tangent cube and, amidst copious clouds of fine tobacco smoke and a few glasses of wine, we recorded this episode.

The discussion ranges across many topics, but the main idea David describes is something called the "Prime Symbol" in architectural expression of cultures and civilizations across the ages, how it changes, and what it means for us now in the modern age. We talk about the categorizations of Prime Symbol in past cultures and what they tell us about how those cultures viewed the world around them, and how that may help us understand how to better express a modern Prime Symbol in our own architecture.

You can follow David and his work through his podcast, A History of Architecture, his YouTube channel Living Process, and his website, Living Process, LLC.


  1. So glad you decided to do this spontaneous show, excellent guest + 4 am + wine = instant classic.

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    1. Great episode, this podcast goes frpm strength to strength. ⚕


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