Friday, December 18, 2020

Episode #178: Tesla, Astrophysics and the Standard Candle

Archer Finley joins us again, this time from afar, for a continued discussion of Tesla's wireless transmission project and to answer questions that episode generated from listeners (and us).
This leads to a discussion of one of Tesla's other projects, "Telegeodynamics", or, the transmission of mechanical energy through the body of the earth....also sometimes referred to as "the earthquake machine".

Then we read an article sent by a listener about a project to understand what kinds of long-term geological signatures might be left on a planet by an advanced civilization, and how we might look for these kinds of signatures in earth's geological history, and how this could help us find signatures of advanced civilizations on distant exoplanets.

This leads into a discussion of the current state of the search for exoplanets, what astronomers are finding, and what this data implies about the actual number of planets out there in the universe.

We also discuss the concept of an astronomical "standard candle", also known as a Type 1a Supernova, the standard model theoretical process by which these events happen, and how modern astrophysicists and cosmologists used them to measure the expansion rate of the universe, which lead to the concept of "dark energy".

We end the show with a special bonus segment where we talk about large resonant systems, and how they tend to want to synchronize the component parts, and how this possibly applies to Velikovsky's ideas.

Also it explains pyramids.

Link to the metronome synchronization video:

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