Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Episode #215: Indistinguishable from Magic

This episode is a free-form discussion about the topics and information presented by Marty in the UFO episodes, specifically focusing on the previous two episodes, 213 and 214, but also referencing some of the earlier UFO episodes as well.
Do these complex rituals actually work? Or are they also a form of deception? Or, are they possibly Quant Suff of an actual science/technology of an earlier age? What is the nature of the things people call the "spirit" realm and the "supernatural"? Are these things accessible to science if it is advanced enough? What is the "simplest hypothesis" for the UFO phenomena?

As usual, we have plenty of questions, and no answers.


  1. In regards to the Egyptian "bowling pin" crowns mentioned in episode #215.
    David talbott's theory that in Saturn cosmology and the decaying polar configuration, when mars and venus approached earth, these symbols were witnessed from earth. Ex: ying and yang, the pillar, the bowling pin, the cosmic wheel...etc.
    Ancient symbols explain it all, in my opinion.
    Check out "symbols of an alien sky" on YouTube, or any other David Talbot/Ev Cochrane research.
    You guys are the best. Best podcast.
    From Cam the man.

    1. You might find Episodes 43 and 44 interesting, among others.


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