Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Episode #203: Hidden History of the Human Race - Part 9

Continuing with The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, we finish the section on the Piltdown Man discoveries and the later exposing as a very complex hoax.  We then look at the details of the Beijing Man discoveries, the funding by the Rockefeller Foundation, and the methods used by the people involved to popularize this discovery when it was only a couple of teeth.

Again, it should be made clear that studying these discoveries through this book is not necessarily about trying to "disprove" evolution. It is about comparing the way the discoveries that supported the mainstream ideas about evolution were treated, versus the way that discoveries that did not support mainstream ideas, were treated.


  1. I think you are growing zinnias. Check the leaves. Zinnia leaves have smooth edges and come in pairs,on each side of the stem.
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    1. I concur for all the above stated reasons. When I was listening that’s what immediately came to mind. Moving forward from there I felt the air leave tge room as Russ fleshed out the shall we say entanglements of the Rockefeller foundation’s assertion regarding manipulation of human behavior. Damn them, Thanks Again to what ever forces guided you two into what you are doing! Oh btw still waiting on you guys doing some kind of local meetup. I’m up in Gillespie county camping in my rooftop tent until September when I’ll return to Mexico near Monte Alban! Yep google it, unless you already know! Anyway Keep going!! “SERPIENTES@

  2. Anwit, you are right, of course! We are growing Marigolds and Zinnias. Thanks for your keen eye. Dee, we also are thankful for the forces that guide us, and for you as well. Meetups will happen! Busy schedule for now, but perhaps soon we will find an opening.


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