Thursday, June 10, 2021

Episode #201: The 200th Episode

This episode is a celebration of 200 episodes of the Brothers of the Serpent podcast. (If you're wondering why we did this on episode 201 instead of 200, it's because the podcast starts with episode 002!)

Using an extensive list of clips from older episodes, all marked and prepared by listeners, we look back at how the podcast has grown and changed, and mostly at how many dumb jokes we've made.

We're joined in studio by Marty, from the UFO episodes, as a representative of the Discord SnakeForce, and they spring a huge surprise on us during the break after the first segment.

It was amazing.

Thanks so much to all of the Snakeforce in the discord for all the support and the huge list of clip suggestions. Thanks to LP for putting all those suggestions together in a spreadsheet. Thanks to Janus for taking our picks and actually extracting all the clips for us. And thanks to everyone who participated in the super-secret channel to put together the amazing super secret secret!!

Hope you all enjoy this, and don't miss out on the special end-of-show mix! See you in the next 200 episodes!

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