Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Episode #211: Listener Communications

We've been so far behind on listener emails for so long now that we decided it was time to catch up with a Listener Communications episode. We spend this entire episode reading your emails and responding to the topics and points you bring up. As always, the emails are excellent; fun to read, insightful and funny.

We also streamed this show live to the Discord Chat, which is always fun. If you want to get in on the occasional live stream and join hundreds of like-minded snakes in excellent conversations about topics we cover on the show, use the link above and join the chat!



  1. On the first email referring to cheese, Russ comments who's the first guy who says yeah I'll take a bite of that...remember the evidence that someone swallowed a poisonous snake whole...?

  2. Continued thought, they may not have been meticulous about cleaning their pots between uses, so there's an opportunity for a couple different things to come together.
    Memory of my grandmother mixing a second cake in a bowl after the first without wishing it.

  3. Replies
    1. Unfortunately the second cake was angel food and the leftovers from the previous made it fail to rise. Which is why I remember it 50+ years later. She did not deal well with such things...


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