Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Episode #210: Down the Rabbithole

Every once in a while we decide we need to make an episode that can serve as an "entry point" for new listeners, and also to talk about our current state of mind and ideas on all the topics we discuss, and how they're connected.

We first tried this in Episode 82, at the request of a listener. It was a good idea, and we now think we ought to do it every so often, to talk about these subjects broadly, and to work out where we stand now.

So this episode is a rambling, free-form conversation that hopefully can serve as an overview of some of the topics we explore on this podcast, and a bit about why we explore them.


  1. 4 stars, not enough laughing

    No, really,at least 6, maybe 7. It was great, and appropriate for what I have been doing. Which I will not tell you about just yet...

  2. Hunnibunnies i love you So much...! But... The capital of Norway is OSLO not olso...
    Keep up the great work, i'm only still alive because of the brain expansion i owe you guys. I am working through the archive since a few months and have already bought almost all of the books you're discussing. I love you, always will, keep your engagement and interestet in all your great topics and SNAKES!
    Kisses from germany

    1. Dang it! I was reviewing the show this morning and I thought to myself “is it OSLO?? …no, I can’t be that dyslexic…” Alas! I pulled up the story and there it was, obviously OSLO, not Olso. So yes, I am that dyslexic. Saw it as Olso every time it appeared in the article, lol.


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