Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Episode #221: Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie

We give a brief outline of the almost 3000 years of the ancient Egyptian timeline as currently understood by standard model archaeology. Dynasties, Periods, Kingdoms, what they are, when they occurred, how long they lasted. Hopefully this will help a bit when you read or hear things like "in the 19th dynasty" or "this is an Old Kingdom structure". Much thanks to listener Patty for suggesting we do this.

After that, Kyle reads selections from Petrie's The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh, specifically parts where Petrie is discussing his research on evidence for "anomalous" stone cutting evident on some artifacts from Egypt.

We also tested our ability to stream the recording of this episode live to Twitch. The livestream video should remain up on Twitch for a few weeks, check the channel here if you want to see it, it will give you a bit of "behind the scenes" details and the conversations we have during the breaks.

Plate 14 from Petrie's book, referenced in the show

Executive Producer:

Matt Elder

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  1. Regarding the granite plugs and the Encircling Girdle Stones for the descending "passage..." What if the Great Pyramid was designed to contain a Demon...


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