Thursday, March 5, 2020

Episode #137: Earth in Upheaval - Part 5

Diving deeper into Velikovsky's book, Earth in Upheaval, we look at submerged caves and rising seas, stranded shorelines and ancient lakes, old water levels now tilted many degrees off the horizontal, strange glacier flow evidence and always unexpectedly young dates for artifacts, fossils, and geological features. We talk about the magnetic field of the earth and the evidence for field reversals in recent times, and what a field reversal might cause in the biosphere, and what could possibly be the mechanism for such an event, deep within the planet.

We talk about enormous lava flows, more erratics, sea caves that are now dry, and dry caves that are now submerged. All of which seem to have happened very quickly, and catastrophically.

Also, what is the Fine Structure Constant?

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  1. Just a thought on the core of the Earth.....Could the Earths core be made of Mercury? At room temp it is not electromagnetic, however, when COOLED it does some really interesting stuff. That's as far as my research went. Could this be possible?
    Great show as always.
    Jo. SNAKES


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