Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Episode #136: Earth in Upheaval - Part 4

Furthering our deep dive into Velikovsky's book, Earth in Upheaval, we read and discuss about the evidence of sea-bottom sediments not matching up with expectations of uniformitarian theory, with deep sea clays showing evidence of cosmic dust from meteorites being over a thousand times more abundant than was expected, with sands from what was once seashore beaches being found miles underwater.
We also read about the enormous African Rift, which spans one third of the distance from pole to pole, and shows evidence of having been formed recently, by the sharpness of its features. We also dive into the problems if past ice ages seemingly having taken place in what are now equatorial regions, and what that might mean for possible pole shifts, or crustal shifts, and how that process might work in terms of physics and geophysics.

We also discuss some things going on in our work lives with the olive orchard and leaf cutter ants, as well as give a brief overview of our thoughts on the Coronavirus.



    This is a link to the video of Russian cosmonauts spinning a “fist-size” screw-in T-handle, that Kyle mentioned about 01:49:00. (I’m guessing it’s one of several handles they can move to various panels so they can move them, without requiring dozens of handles all over the station, adding a bunch of weight.)

    When a cosmonaut spins the handle, it spins a few revolutions in one orientation, then flips — in the interval of a single revolution — 180ยบ and almost instantaneously stabilizes to rotate in this new orientation, then flips back… In Free-Fall, this repeats in a cycle, that surprisingly changes pretty quickly. It’s worth watching the thing at reduced playback speed to see the changes. Seems the flip itself is converting the original rotational energy.

  2. Here’s a short list of Authoritative websites that discuss evidence that confirms repeating reversals of Earth’s magnetic field, particularly the mirrored patterns of reversing fields observed in the two sides of the spreading sea floor on both East and West sides of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    The last one, from US Geologic Survey, seems to be the least “technical” version, and has links to other interesting issues. It’s good to keep in mind that many theories that Almost everyone believed to be absolutely reliably true for generations, have turned out to be… well, WRONG.


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