Thursday, March 19, 2020

Episode #139: Live from Quarantine

We take a break from the book reports and deep dives and relax a bit, talking about whatever comes to mind through the course of the show. We also streamed this episode live to the Discord chat, which was fun, and is something we plan to do more of in the future.

We catch up on listener emails and Kyle reads an excellent story about an exoplanet where it actually rains metal. We talk ancient aliens, space genes, and viruses. We also read through a three part article from about redheaded mummies, worldwide mythology, and a possible Atlantean connection.



  1. i had a thought just now ... ok so you know how we have clay pots and stuff now for gardening ... say you accidentally break one of those pots but are to lazy to clean up the small pieces so you just leave them in the dirt. so say some ten thousand years later some Johnson discovers some pieces of a clay pot in his garden. but non of the other gardening tools or evidence of someone living in a house with a tv and a keurig machine for their coffee exists. johnson will make the logical assumption that this site was once occupied by hunter gatherers and this was a food pot or something that broke ... i hope this is all making sense... but if this train of though could apply to old lady springfield and her garden dropping a clay flower pot. would it be safe to assume that some clay shards or stuff we have found could be from something similar ... where its not from people in buttflaps making food pots but just a old lady dropping a decorative pot... i allready can say that we will never know this answer. but it does raise some interesting thoughts.

    hopefully my little shower thought made sense, anyway i am still loving the show. and no i have not found anything more about that red mercury or that ancient site although i will admit i have not searched very hard... SNAKES !!!

  2. Spoiler Alert: I am from the future, here to advise any human living in 2020 that (a) NO Comet sighted in the next 3 years will manage to become "Naked-Eye Visible." None, Nada, Zilch. Sorry, every stinking one either evaporates, breaks up, or meets some sweet asteroid and they fall in love and just go off somewhere to fool around for a few millennia. And you KNOW what happens to your precious cometary ices when you yield to that sort of temptation... Drained, my friend. You might as well hang it up. I'm not suggesting that all those sweet Asssteroids are just looking to sap your strength and anchor you so you no longer hurtle around the old Elliptical Joy Path... but, well, be prepared to take full responsibility for an entire LITTER of little meteoroids and meteorettes... Your hurtling days are OVER, dude.


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