Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Episode #227: Mysterious Stone Structures of Vermont

Listener Josh Smart joins us to discuss and show his field explorations of the numerous old stone walls, chambers, and possible effigies that dot the landscape of Vermont. Listeners may recall that we have been to Vermont many times due to having family up there, and the last few times we have been, we have taken a day or two to drive around and look for these structures ourselves, including visiting an area known as the "Smith Farm" which has many of these strange and beautiful stone mounds and walls.
Josh, being a native to Vermont, has developed a system for finding these structures and has hiked out to see them and take pictures. He shares his photos and thoughts with us on this episode, explaining what he has found and the questions he has been unable to get answers for, despite consulting local authorities, libraries, and historical societies.

We did record video for this episode, so look for it on our YouTube channel if you want to see Josh's photos.

The "Line Dragon" in the Azores:

"Hidden Vermont" Smith Farm site:

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  1. I know that you suggest watching on YouTube however it seams to take weeks these days before they are loaded up :)


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