Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Episode #223: Acoustics and Resonance in Egypt - Part 2

Sebastian Lonberg joins us again this week, this time we do take a look at, and listen to, some of the video and audio Kyle and Sebastian recorded while in Egypt. Specifically we listen to the resonant qualities of some of the boxes in the Serapeum, and Kyle and Sebastian use various tools for analysis of the frequencies, and we talk about the details we noticed regarding the quality of the boxes themselves.

Sebastian also reads some excerpts from a book called Egyptian Sonics by John Stuart Reid, who did some very interesting experiments in the Great Pyramid using cymatics. The book is not available for free unfortunately, but you can find a link to John's website and a link to purchase a PDF of the book below.

Egyptology :: CymaScope Website

Egyptian Sonics PDF

There is video of this discussion, so check our YouTube Channel if you want to see the images and video we're looking at during the show, as well as the diagnostic tools Kyle and Sebastian use.

Executive Producers:

Judy Schwartz

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