Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Episode #207: Missing 411 - Eastern US - 2

Years ago we went over some of the cases in David Paulides' book, Missing 411-Western United States & Canada. Now we're tackling some of the cases in the next book, Missing 411-Eastern United States & Canada. We've chosen a specific set of cases from the book that are less well known and for the most part show a specific pattern: very young children who go missing and are found alive, days later, miles from where they disappeared. This is part 2 of that case study.

We are using the book for reference but we are only covering a very few of the hundreds of cases in this book. We can't stress enough that if you really want to dive into this particular mystery, you should go to David's website, the CanAm Missing Project, purchase the books, and follow his YouTube channel.






  1. Word you are looking for is "chelated".

  2. You are right! You beat me to it. I am applying the chelated iron at this moment.

    1. I can remember that from doing dairy cattle rations in 1988 but can't remember if I ate dinner...

  3. How do we know all the details of these cases are true? Paulides could write anything, and we'd never know the truth. How do we know he filed FOIAs? Not saying he's embellishing, but unless we did major research, we'd never know.


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