Thursday, November 26, 2020

Episode #175: Seriah's Mechanism

We are joined this week by Seriah Azkath, from the Where Did the Road Go podcast, to talk about an idea he's been working on for a while now. We discuss poltergeist activity, bigfoot, UFOs, time loops, ghosts, EVP, Point Pleasant and the Mothman, Men in Black, Near Death Experiences, parapsychology and ESP abilities, and retrocausality, and how all of these might in some way be either part of the same phenomena, or be multiple phenomena resulting from the same underlying cause.

A big part of this is Seriah's point that many of these seemingly disparate types of events have similar features;  for example, the kinds of things that people call "poltergeists" when they happen in a house, are attributed to sasquatch when they happen in the wilderness. A glowing light floating around in an abandoned building is a "ghost", while a glowing light in the sky is a "UFO".

Retrocausality is a big part of the function of the Mechanism that Seriah is proposing....that events in the future can have an effect on the present, through the medium of consciousness. We discuss how this has been demonstrated multiple times in different studies, and how this might tie together a lot of incidents that are attributed to different types of experiences.

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  1. About sensing frequencies:MonsterQuest tried to use laser measuring devices on 3 different animals,Humboldt squid,Greenland shark, and crocodile. Each time the animal took off when the laser touched it.


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