Thursday, November 5, 2020

Episode #172: The Velikovsky Heresies - Part 4

This is the final part of our deep dive into Laird Scranton's The Velikovsky Heresies. For this final part we look at more evidence of ancient astronomers apparently seeing Venus in strange places or in ways that do not match current models. We read about Venus' apparently young surface, thin lithosphere that consists of one single "tectonic plate", its active vulcanism, and evidence of upper atmospheric lightning. We read about Venus having a very rare chemical in its atmosphere that is usually only found associated with cometary bodies.

The book wraps up with a concise list of interesting points that seem to indicate that modern scientific discoveries do sometimes support some of Velikovsky's predictions, and whether this means all of his ideas were right or not is still a matter up for debate.

Much thanks to our friends over at Inner Traditions for allowing us to read large excerpts from one of their publications. Make sure to visit their online store and purchase a copy of The Velikovsky Heresies for yourself, or you can get it from Amazon.

Thanks to Henry Hablak for the awesome show art!

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